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Sep 16, 2006 10:58 PM

Chico's BBQ - Guilderland NY

Today at lunchtime I made my second visit to Chico's BBQ in Guilderland, NY (near Albany). It is located on the south side of US Route 20 just west of the intersection with NY 146. It has been open for a little under a year. I had the pulled pork sandwich topped with coleslaw ("Carolina-style"). It was a generous serving of very tasty pork with great smoke flavor and nice bits of bark. The roll was excellent, and two sauces were offered in squirt bottles (regular and spicy). It went well with a draft Paulaner hefeweizen. The other time I went, I had 1/4 rack of ribs and 1/4 chicken. I liked the ribs...the chicken breast was a little dry, but otherwise tasty. I have forgotten what I had for sides, they didn't impress me. Anyway, I recommend the place...the service has been very efficient and friendly both times. The menu can be seen at

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  1. Will have to check it out. Menu looks good and prices fair. Thanks.

    1. Thanks for the tip! Have you tried Mo's in Troy (near HVCC)? It's a little store-froont operation, but the barbecue is the best I've ever had. Unfortunately it sounds like he is planning to give up the business soon, so his hours are not very reliable at the moment.

      1. Yes, I particularly like the chicken at Mo's - it's the best I've had. However, his irregular hours have hurt his business, I think. I like to go for lunch with a group of co-workers, which takes some planning, but then we can't be sure whether he'll be open for lunch that day. Sorry to hear that he's planning to give it up.

        1. I totally agree with you about Chico's. It's the best bbq (and closest to authentic NC style) I have had in the Northeast. Two small things could improve the place, however: 1) they should offer the thinner, less-sweet, vinegar-based sauce used on NC bbq. I would not necessarily suggest they replace the commonplace thick and sweet variety they have now (a lot of people probably prefer it), just offer the alternative. 2) they should find a good recipe for hushpuppies, and offer those. They make a great appetizer, and even an option as a platter side for those who don't want vegetables.

          1. This past Sunday, I had the pulled pork Plain Jane. The pork was moist, tender with fine smoked flavor. The owner told me he used apple and cherry wood. The portion was very generous. I'm glad I didn't get sides. I found their own sauces a bit sweet for my tastes. They have a selection of bottled hot sauces too. The owner let me try a few wings and I wound up taking 10 home. They're smoked and then deep fried. I'm definitely going back.

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              I think they do a decent bbq - had the pulled pork sandwich as well - but they aren't amazing. It's good bbq, but I think they tend to have dry meats. But now I may want to rethink it and try those wings! I did like their coleslaw, though.

              It's a shame to hear Mo's is thinking of closing. They're hands down the best bbq in the area!