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Sep 16, 2006 10:46 PM

Cheap Eats near Loyola Law (90015, Olympic and Figueroa)

Hey all,

School's back in session and I need some advice for grub. I don't discriminate, as long as it's good, hearty, and easy on the wallet.

Suggestions, please! I'm tired of Pollo Campero and the Rodeo Grill.

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  1. sort of close to you on pico:
    home of the great, lemony, dayglo chicken.

    Dino's Burgers. 2575 W Pico Blvd Los Angeles, CA 90006-4011

    although the restaurant has 'burgers' in it's name, i've never actually seen anyone eat a burger there--just plate after plate of their famous chicken.

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      Dino's is on pico at berendo, two short blocks west of vermont. their 'crazy chicken' special is a small marinated half-bird, char-grilled, served over a bed of crispy thin-cut fries with a side of slaw and some tortillas that stick together for about $5. you strip the chicken and charred skin from the carcass and make a little taco with the tortilla segments. i order mine with extra "sauce" (the garlicky-turmeric-vinegary marinade) which sogs some of the fries but adds tons of flavor. the line moves quickly for ordering but surprisingly slow for serving 'cuz the birds take a bit and there invariably is someone taking a half-dozen boxes back to the office.

      this is delicious, fun, amazingly valued food. keep in mind that at rush periods, if you eat there your bird may be undercooked 'cuz if it were resting in a take-out box it would be coasting up to temperature, so tell them if you are eating there. great place -- one of my favorite reliable lunches anywhere near downtown.

    2. tierra cafe is in a food court on wilshire between flower and figueroa. it is all vegetarian but still manages to be very hearty and tasty. i would recommend the burrito for a meaty feeling without having to actually eat meat. at $6.25 it is one of the more expensive items on the menu.

      doing a search for them unearthed the whole menu on a my space site. enjoy:

      1. Not exotic, been there forever...Cassell' this close enough? A legend to some.

        3266 W 6th St
        Los Angeles, CA 90020

        1. When I was at LLS we often went for pretty decent cheap mexican at the [hold your breath...] carwash [no joke] on fig and olympic. The have a great mexican counter called Fernando's Taco Inn atached to the car wash. We spent many a lunch break at this place. Of course, we never had more than an hour between classes, and were poor as students inveitably are. Some other thoughts. Near USC is the USC food court with a whole bunch of options; Chano's on the other side of campus, if you are so inclined; and I beleive that there is a Chichen Itza at the Mercado La Paloma. I also used to hit Mikoshi Japanese Noodle House in the same center as the Fat Burger on Fig near SC. If I recall, $5 and change would get you a hearty noodle dish with grilled chicken, a salad and a drink [present your student ID for a discount]. Lastly, although you've probably already discovered it, is happy hour at McCormick & Schmicks. Not really a lunch option, but a good place to wash down $2 apps and rehash the days' drama with your fellow classmates. This place is like a looking glass into your probable future, too. You will see what a war weary new associate at Dewey, Cheatum & Howe looks like when he/she is taking a dinner break before heading back up to meet their gnarly billing requirement.

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          1. re: SouthOCHound

            FYI, the taco shop inside the car wash closes at 430.

          2. Thanks all! Keep them coming! SouthOChound, thanks for your tips! When did you graduate?