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Sep 16, 2006 10:38 PM

King Arthur Flour's Whole Grain Baking book -- anyone tried it?

I just got a catalog w/ this on the front. Anyone seen this book? If so, would you recommend it? Or not?


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  1. I just got my autographed copy today - preordered it months ago. The KA books are reliable and very well tested, if not exciting. I like that they give ingredients in weight and volume. The Boston Globe had a pre-release recipe for a whole wheat apple cake with brown sugar frosting. I used white whole wheat flour, and the cake was moist and tasty. My husband called it "about as good as whole wheat can get", and I made four of them for work. I've just now thumbed through the book, and want to try a few recipes. I noticed that they use boiled cider in glazes and that apple cake, to boost the flavor. I don't know if I've ever seen boiled cider or cider jelly outside of Vermont!
    I'm looking forward to trying some recipes, and I'll report back.

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    1. re: pastrytroll

      Thanks! I think I'll go ahead and order it.

      1. re: pastrytroll

        Oh, definitely report back. I've been quite tempted by it, but would really love to hear some reviews before plunking down the money. I'm going to try to see if my local library is going to buy it (although they're generally slow on the uptake for cookbooks.)

        1. re: Smokey

          Kinda or very ot, but has anyone tried their mixes -- scones and such?

          1. re: Sarah

            I bought their King Cake mix last year. Everyone who ate it said it was good, but I didn't really know what a King Cake should taste like so I can't answer say if it was "authentic" or not. It came with clear instructions, and everything I needed.

            1. re: Sarah

              so far I have just used the scone mix and I really like it. It is just a lot easier than making them from scratch in the morning. I plan on trying some of their flavored mixed soon, I have only tried the cream tea mix.