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Sep 16, 2006 09:30 PM

All Star Sandwich Bar - not bad!

Tried the new All Star Sandwich Bar in Inman Sq for lunch today. I believe they had a pretty good writeup in the Weekly Dig this week. Overall I was really impressed and can tell this place is going to be popular - maybe too popular for the small space. Basic rundown: long list of hot and cold sandwiches, along with salads, "Texas State Pen. Chili", and the odd hot dog and burger to round out the menu. Sandwiches are served with (what appear to be) homemade pickles, really nice - and although a number of sides are on offer I thought the sandwich was definitely large enough for lunch.

I had the "Pastraminator" - big hunks of pastrami, coated in coarse mustard, with melted swiss, the whole thing toasted. Really yummy. DP had the Black Forest Ham and Vermont Cheddar, also toasted - a huge amount of ham on that there sandwich.

I was surprised that they actually do table service so, at least at noon on a Saturday, it was not so much a scrum like High Price (er ... High Rise) can get to be. I suspect when word gets around they will be more crowded.

They have some nice touches on the menu, like buckets of beer and bottles of Cristal champagne - the place has a good vibe. Only complaint: the ice tea was pretty weak. I have a feeling this one will be a regular on the weekend lunch rotation ... not to mention after bar crawls around Inman.

Definitely worth checking out.

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  1. There was a long thread on All-Star last week-- for more views on it go to...

    1. I had a nice lunch there on Friday. I had the Cubano which had very tasty pork, ham and melted cheese with some awesome homeade pickles. In the pressing process the layer kind of separated so that it was hard to get a bite with the combination of all ingredients; a pretty minor complaint. I contrast to Sgt Snackers above, I found the iced tea to be too strong without enough lemon. The tannin was way too pronounced.