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Sep 16, 2006 09:13 PM

Williamsburg Brooklyn Best Pizza Pie?

Best Pizza Pie and closest to Williamsbusg? Please provide website if possible.


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  1. I haven't tried more than 3 or 4 pizza places in Brooklyn, but in Williamsburg I prefer S. Cono on Graham Ave. I don't think they have a website, and they're closed now but supposed to re-open this month across the street from their former location.

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    1. re: Neuromancer

      S. Cono has now "reopened" at their location across the street, but the name has been changed to Catch22, the menu is heavy on empanadas, and there are no more slices. They do still serve pizza, but I wonder if the management has changed. I thought it would be the same place (with the same pizza) in a new location, but it seems very different. Next time I need a whole pie, I'll try it out, but has anyone else eaten there since it opened?

    2. Michael Ayoub's designer, coal-oven pies at Fornino, next to the Bedford L stop, are my favorite.

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      1. re: Brian S

        i'll second fornino:

        not in wmsburg, but Grimaldi's is the best i've had in NY. its in Dumbo right at the base of the brooklyn bridge.

        1. re: mchan02

          I'll third fornino.

          for standard pie joints (without any gourmet angle) S. Cono and San Marco are good. and, val diano in greenpoint is solid for delivery to billburg.

          1. re: mchan02

            No disrespect meant, mchan20, but this is a pet peeve of mine: Grimaldi's is not in DUMBO; if anything it's in DUBBO. How much more Down Under Brooklyn Bridge Overpass could it be?
            That said, Fornino gets my vote.

            1. re: emarcus

              yikes, sorry to offend!

              the neighborhoods down there get me mixed up. DUBBO it is!

          2. re: Brian S

            Fornino is great. Driggs pizza is a quandry of things. I am not sure I would put it in my top 20 in NYC, let alone Billyburg. Sal's on Lorimer when its good, its world's better than Driggs. But you have to get it at certain times, that is to say, when they are just pulling out fresh crisp pies: 1130-1230, and 530-7. Its worth it. The sauce they make is amazing. The Grandma's slices go fastest, and I rec. them as well as the plain standard slice. Great pasta specials too!

            And I am sorry to report, fugeddabout' Grimaldi's! It has become such a place that rides on the coattails of its reputation from LIGHT YEARS ago. Can't live up anymore, it has gone down the tubes.

          3. driggs pizza, great grandma slice

            carmines, on Graham when i want italian i always get take out from there im addicted to there lasagna and the pies are massive.

            1. I like a lot about Fornino's pizzas, but I've never had one that was just right. That's probably because I get them delivery and they've lost their edge in transit, or because I get them to stay and the restaurant is playing horrendous music and I can't concentrate on the food.

              When I want a slice, it's always from Driggs. The grandpa slice is addictive.

              1. I MUST get to Fornino and try the Clam Pizza. I've heard it is good. For regular slice places in B'Burg, Carmines I'd say is about the best. Sal's used to be be good years ago but while Carmine's was closed for vacation recently I was forced to go to Sal's. The crust was like biscuit dough!!!!!!! Crumbly not chewy. And that has nothing to do with getting it fresh out of the oven. Just bad dough. I mean Carmine's crust is really nothing THAT special but its real pizza dough.

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                1. re: Chas

                  Fornino makes a clam pie? Details please!