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Oakland - Taylor's Sausage – home-made pork cracklings & the prettiest spareribs

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Taylor's Sausage is perhaps the best known of the Housewives Market shops. It was one of the nicest shops that I remembered from my last visit three years ago, but even they have spiffed up.

They get repeated Chowhound mentions for their reasonably-priced, freshly made, preservative-free sausages, especially the Cajun boudin blanc.

There are all sorts of sausages made on-site ... chorizo, andouille, tocino, hot and mild BBQ links, Italian ... links of sausage ... tubs of loose ground sausage meat ... pork, beef, chicken, turkey sausage. A Chowhound mention says they make a good, course grind Filipino longanisa.

They had the most perfect-looking slabs of spareribs, so pretty that even though the pig may have not given them up voluntarily, it would have been proud of its contribution to the meat counter. Yep, proud-as-a-pig spareribs.

There are other nice pieces of pork including excellent-looking fresh ham hocks.

In one corner a pan of thick pork cracklings were almost tempting enough to throw cholesterol caution to the wind. They also sell pepper sticks, honey-ham & cheese sticks.

Should you want to make your own sausage, little plastic containers of very clean-looking casings are at the far end of the counter. Next to them, are discrete white Styrofoam cups labeled ‘blood’.

In this recent-ish Taylor-love post, Swarthog (and with a name like that should be in the porky-know) wrote

“... picked up #5 each of Beef and Pork Links ... and Hickory smoked them for about 3 hours. I made up some sauce and all I can say is WOW. They had that old fashioned coarse texture and juicy flavor that I remembered from BBQ joints of old. Better than any I've had lately at Doug's, Bulldog's, Everett+Jones.”

Also recommended in the above link are breakfast sausage links, slabs of ribs and bone in Pork Butt w/ skin.

The staff is very helpful and super-friendly ... in a good way. Prices range from about $3-$4/lb.

It seems a shame that reliable companies like this get very little press. I could find nothing on the web about the background of this company or the endless promotion and praise of other companies.

Given the good prices, Taylor’s isn’t spending its money on publicity. People just come because they know it is good.

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Taylor's Sausage
538 Ninth Street
(510) 832-6448

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  1. I love this place. We always try to pick boudin sausages for our bbqs. Our friend from Louisana told us that it was pretty good even if it is slightly different from ones back home.