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Sep 16, 2006 08:17 PM

Shoreditch - good inexpensive eats?


I plan to spend Sunday wandering around Shoreditch. Any good but inexpensive (i.e. under £12 per person exclusive of alcohol) eats? Thanks so much.

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  1. Bagels on brick lane at brick lane beigel bake

    i am fond of brunch at the redchurch on redchurch st

    vietnamese food up on shoreditch high st as you walk up towards dalston (we enjoy au lac because it is so ammenable to vegetarians)

    grilled hallumi and aubergine burgers and truman brewery.

    look elsewhere on chowhound for lahore kabab address.

    1. You've probably set off on your exploration by now. I hope that you did not eat a 'hamburger' at The Diner on Curtain Road!

      1. Why do you put 'hamburger' in quotations?

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        1. re: Foodantic

          Its an awful hamburger, and very expensive. The amazing thing is: they actually believe its a good burger. Bang! on Kingsland Road do a good burger.

          1. re: loobcom

            I must second the greatness of Bang! It's one of the few places to get good food very late at night. I like the sandwiches more than the burger, but that's really just a matter of taste.

            And, they have a nice little goat cheese sandwich with vegetables if you're desperate for something green.

        2. I highly recommend Cay Tre Vietnamese on Old Street (near the Holiday Inn). It doesn't look like much but the food is excellent and cheap.

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          1. re: schnack

            I've just come back from here (Cay Tre Vietnamese on Old Street) very disappointed. After ordering the 'Spring Bowl' (Imperial and Prawn spring rolls over rice noodles, with cucumber,salad, mint & cilantro) which is the only thing on the menu which doesn't list all of its ingredients. I phoned to check and was told that it contains NO MEAT, vegitable spring rolls and prawn spring rolls. I got a call back second later from a confused man asking me if everything was OK. It wasnt until after I finished the meal and checked the internets for imperial spring rolls that I found out it contained pork (MEAT).

            The food was also very greasy and the kitchen looked dirty, not a hairnet in sight.

            Avoid like the plague.

            I'd recommend The Gourmet Oriental about 100 metres from the top of Curtain Road. It's not under £12 a head but worth the extra.

            1. re: theglassjaw

              I have to disagree. Emphatically.

              It's a great place for a bowl of pho... probably about £6. The vegetables floating in the pho of tasty and fresh.... no brown bean sprouts or anything nasty like that... and the meat is sliced nice and thin... just right.

              It'd be hard to spend more than £25 there, even with some wine, appetizer and the tasty fried banana with ice cream they have to follow that up.

              theglassjaw: I have no idea what the vegetarian offerings are, but it sounds like they're bad. However, that doesn't reflect badly on the more meaty foods.

              As for hairnets... what do you want? my middle school cafeteria? I've never had a hair in my soup there... and if you didn't in yours, I don't know what the problem could be.

              In short.... one of the better Vietnamese places in the Shoreditch area... which really means it's one of the better ones in London.

          2. For Vietnamese food on Kingsland Road I'd recommend Viet Hoa. I've heard good reports from Little Hanoi on Curtain Road recently.

            Eliott's on Bethnal Green Road near its junction with Brick Lane is a funny little place - very cheap and worth a go I'd say:

            Green and Red is relatively inexpensive and does delicious Mexican food.

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            1. re: Howard V

              Is Eliott's gone? I was hunting for it the other day, couldn't find it, but wasn't sure if I might have forgotten its location.

              If so, I mourn the loss.