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Sep 16, 2006 06:43 PM

Hair of the Dog?

There has been soo much posted on this little pub, I feel the need to go and try it out seeing as I LOVE pub food. But first a few quick questions since they dont have an online menu (I called and asked). What is the average price for apps, sandwiches and mains? Also what are the best things to order? Is it british style pub food or what? Tell me anything you can, because I have a thing where I like to read the menu online before going, I'd rather have an idea of what I'm going into (I'm not a spontaneous person unfortunetly). THANKS GUYS

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  1. I count this restaurant among my favourites, and coincidentally, was just there last week.

    Apps range between $5 and $12 I think, while sandwiches are between $10 and $14. The sandwiches are all accompanied by fries or salad (excellent). I think their 'meal salads' are all around $10. Serving sizes are generous without being ridiculous.

    Mains run the gamut from $10 to $20+. Most are around $15 I think.

    The 'made in-house' veggie burger is exceptional there. I've had a seared tuna steak there (it's a special) a couple of times, and I really like their preparation. I haven't been with anyone who didn't enjoy their meal there. Though, I once had the caprese salad and was satisfied, but not blown away.

    They have a variety of pub-style dishes, and many more upscale entrées. I wouldn't call it british style pub food, but rather eclectic Toronto-style pub food. Examples include curries, pastas, fish, etc. There are numerous vegetarian options, and a great selection of draft beer and bottled wine.

    As for the space itself, there is a huge patio, that will probably shut down soon. I don't think they have heaters out there. The main floor is a few steps below street level and has a bar as well as a number of tables. The upstairs has a few large booths and more tables. I think the washrooms are upstairs too.

    I think they would fax the menu to you if you asked them. You should give them a call and try.

    Any other questions?

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      Xtal, you're very thorough! MmmMmMmMmmm.. I have yet to try a seared tuna anywhere, how much do they charge for this course? Does it come with a salad? And whats the exact location?

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        I think the seared tuna is just under $20, but you should definitely ask. I'm pretty sure it does come with sides, potatoes and vegetables perhaps? Maybe a salad, I can't seem to remember.

        As for location, it's at 425 Church St., which is one light north of Carlton, on the east side. Here's a map:


    2. I have head from EVERYONE that their nacho's are the best, unfortch they are made with fried pita chips, instead of corn chips, and i am allergic to wheat! Hope one day they will make a corn chip variety too, since nachos are my favorite food group :P
      But be warned they are a huge portion, my BF got them for his main dinner, but could only even eat half of them, they are best for sharing

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        I think they do one of the best burgers around, but it is huge and with fries so I usually share. They also do a good eggs beni.

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          I thought I prefer corn nachos anytime too, but had to agree their flour version was quite good, being piping hot, optimally browned and very loaded. One portion was big enough to feed the BF and me for lunch.

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            That's interesting, because I haven't had nachos in years because I am sensitive to corn - so these would actually be perfect for me... I will have to check it out!

          2. I'm not sure what the fuss is about. It's a nice place with good atmosphere and decent (though very expensive) drinks and wines by the glass. But I've been five or six times because that's where friends often go, and the the food is expensive and mediocre, at best.

            1. I agree - very average place on the expensive side. We had friends that lived nearby. Honestly now that they moved, none of us ever have to go back. My wife had a salad for about 12.00 and it was very chinsy on the meat and cheese portion. There are far too many other great finds on king and queen.

              1. I live very near this pub. Last year it was really good and my partner and I would eat there at least once a month. It was a favourite place to go when we had guests in and didn't feel like cooking, as it was both good and inexpensive.

                Something happened though, shortly after the new year. I think they must have changed someone in the kitchen. Steaks came overdone, or not done enough. Previously good pasta dishes were being done all gummy, etc. We gave it several tries this spring, but finally we've given up and will not go back unless there is a significant change.

                Wouldn't recommend.

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                  hm, thats too bad. Anyone been there really recently?

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                    I have been there occasionally in the past few months, and I haven't noticed any discrepancy with the dishes I've ordered (sandwiches/burgers and salads mostly). That being said, it has been about a year or two since I was more of a regular patron there, so I might be missing the trend that buspirone mentions.