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Sep 16, 2006 06:18 PM

Sedona Food ?'s ,Help!

I'll be visiting Sedona for a few days with my family in Oct., and after looking over the "posts" about dining in this area, it looks like the options are mostly mediocre with spotty food and a dependancy on the views making a place memorable.
Anyone have the low-down on tasty SW mexican in this town? We love green chilis, aren't bashful about heat and when seafood and cold beer get thrown into the mix life is just grand!
Atmosphere is important, but not as a substitute for what's on the plate.


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  1. I don't get up to Sedona often, but I have enjoyed the Heartline Cafe:

    As for the hearty Southwestern food you're looking for, I'm not sure if Sedona is the first place I would think of for that type of experience, but I'm sure there's at least one place. Perhaps someone who lives in Sedona or visits more frequently will have some better ideas.

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      Elote is a fantastic mexican-gourmet restaurant in Sedona!!!

    2. Thanks Silverbear, I'll check it out and be on the hunt for the as yet unidentified Sedona culinary zinger.

      1. We had a vacation home in Sedona for several years, until about four years ago. I never found a decent Mexican restaurant in the Sedona/Oak Creek area.

        The food at Enchantment is very nice, as is the dining room at L'Auberge. Both are expensive but memorable. Another good place is Dahl & DiLuca; it's not as good as the other two, but it's not terribly expensive, they have live music on weekend nights and the food is more than adequate.

        About two years ago we spent a few days in Sedona and had dinner at Cowboy Cafe (fair but fun, as it was very busy and charming) and Pizza Picazzo (good pizza in a veyr upscale setting).

        Enjoy your trip.

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          I appreciate your input, thanks for taking the time to share your experience.

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            "I never found a decent Mexican restaurant in the Sedona/Oak Creek area."

            There's still nothing outstanding, but Tamale Mama's in West Sedona is decent to good, and reasonably-priced. Nice people, too.

            Cheers -- Pete Tillman

          2. I need to reccomend Ken's Creekside. The food was good enough that I'm considering riding up again just to eat there. Ken's prices are reasonable too. I sometimes get annoyed with restaurent reccomendations that seem to have a positive correlation with the food price. Ken's Creekside dishes are priced from 8 to 17 dollars and the portions are generous.

            1. I also recommend Pizza Picazzo. They have excellent mediterranean salads (big enough to share) with olives and feta cheese and fresh greens, and a decent wine selection. The pizzas are pretty good, offering the usual "gourmet" toppings: i.e., artichoke hearts, roasted red peppers, etc. The atmosphere is post-modern, metal, glass, wood, vibrant colors, and the service is polite, if a little self-satisfied. It's casual, but elegant.

              Prices are above what you'd pay in other towns; expect pizza and salad and wine for two to start at $40.

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                Hey Thanks,

                This is what I was hoping for.