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Sep 16, 2006 04:44 PM

brief visit to Boston - quick lunchtime hits?

I have a business meeting at the Copley Plaza Marriot next week - unfortunately, they insist on feeding me during the meeting but I have brief openings to cruise for lunch/afternoon snack before and after. Any suggestions for chowhounding - a quick meal, a takeout place, a food store to visit which I can access conveniently from Copley Sq. or on my way to/from the airport?

Im really sorry to visit Boston this way!

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  1. If you are here on Tuesday or Friday there is a wonderful Farmers' Market in Copley Square. It is open from 11 AM to 6:30 or 7 PM.

    Iggy's bakery and Gilson's Herb stand both sell some very nice sandwiches to grab and go. Last week Gilson's also had Vietnamese Summer rolls.

    The goat cheese stand has a lunch in a bag that is a container of goat cheese, some french bread and a box of raisins.

    1. Perhaps Parish Cafe is what you're looking for. They have an outstanding menu of local chef-designed sandwiches, executed very well by their kitchen.

      Great beer selection as well.

      1. summer shack across from the Sheraton Hotel - oyster bar and fried clams with bellies will give you a taste of new england - might do lobsters to go on your way to the airport or there is a legals at the airport which can do that for you too

        1. Back Bay (where Copley is located) isn't really chow-central in Boston. If you have time after your meeting you could take the T or cab to the North End and hit Neptune Oyster Bar for something savory and then Modern Pastry for something sweet (I'll name-check NY hound Abbylovi's favorite -- the florentines. They really are amazing.) North End is right next to the tunnel that takes you back to the airport.

          Copley itself isn't far from the South End (10-15 minute walk, 5 minute drive) -- you could try the B&G Oyster Bar (I guess oysters seem like a good quick bite to me) -- pricey but very good. Or pop into FOrmaggio South End (not as extensive as the Cambridge mothership, but still great) for some fancy bites.

          If you're nuts and have time, you could get a cab to Newmarket Square and have an astonishingly great hot dog at Speed's hot dog wagon. Don't let the cab leave; it's an industrial park. Hell, buy the cabbie a dog and he'll remember you forever.

          Come back for longer next time so we can suggest some real chow-destinations!

          1. You could bop over to Columbus Ave. and get some turkey hash at Charley's, or huge pancakes. I've never gotten lunch items there but they're probably pretty good (tho pricier than you'd expect).

            Right across from the Pru is Chili Duck for Thai food.