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Sep 16, 2006 04:16 PM

ISO Good food in or near Hamilton, Ohio

Hi, I'm moving to Hamilton, Ohio very soon. Any recommendations of restaurants, preferably non-chain. I like all types of food and am willing to travel out of town. Thanks for your help

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  1. The closest thing I've found has been Boston Butz BBQ. The ribs are only so-so, but the pulled pork is simply outstanding. Get sauce on the side. Baked beans are decent, and the jonnycake was pretty good last time I went (about 4 weeks ago). Hope this helps you!

    1. Richard's Pizza makes an outstanding steak hoagie

      My father and younger brothers all swear by Hyde's for breakfast - an iconic greasy spoon place - but I don't get it aside form the ages old surroundings. You migh be more lik them than like me :-

      1. hi - i am from New jersey and have found an authentic New York style pizza - the owners family was from brooklyn and the recipes come from their - great thin crust and absolutely delicious - it is in west chester and is called Fratellis. It is on the corner of Cin-Day Rd and Tylersville rd and right across froma great ice cream place called the cone. enjoy!!!

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          Hi, you are 2nd recommendation for Fratelli's, and being from NJ, you understand what I am looking for. I will definitely try it and let you know what I think. It might be awhile, though, as my husband is getting tired of me wanting to try pizza all the time - LOL!

        2. Hello, I have lived in hamilton most of my life, the two best pizza places are Chester's or Richard's and if you like chili dogs and root beer then Jolly's drive in is the best my niece loves the hamburgers they put chili on them. .The best wings are Buffalo wings and rings on the west side.Hydes drive in has the best hamburgers nothing fancy. Larosa's is pretty good and they have spaghetti and other things Itailian.The best chinese is 1st wok in Forest Park. The best BBQ I've found is a toss up between Art's and Walt's both of these places are off Colerain Avenue. I just read where seven new restaurants are or will be opening soon. Hope you enjoy living here.

          1. Hello, I've lived in Fairfield (next door to Hamilton) for the last 25 years. Mia Bella Pizza on Pleasant Avenue is a family owned and has delicious hoagies, pizzas, lasagna & spaghetti dinners and appetizers -their bbq wings are yummy! They offer carry-out & delivery. They also accept most competitor coupons. I enjoy their steak hoagies & Ranch pizzas. Their phone number is (513) 893-4444. Try them!