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Sep 16, 2006 04:11 PM

Peach Farm or East Ocean City tonight

Going to comedy show on Tremont St. tonight (Sat), what would you recommend, I am open to other suggestions?

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    1. re: limster

      Where is this? and why this one over the others?

      1. re: Raconteur

        i'm not limster (nor do i post as well as he does!), but this place is in the basement of the building where the chinatown mall is on beach st. i've only gone once, but it was pretty darn good. nice seafood dishes.

        1. re: Raconteur

          GS has consistently good technique all round, and I find that the cooking is a bit more careful/refined and not as rough. IIRC, the fish tanks are also a lot cleaner. Plus, I figured a chowhound would be much more interested in a slightly off the beaten track option; certainly more avenues for discovery.

      2. i can't get enough of peach farm. my favorites are the spicy salted shrimp with heads (eat the whole thing, shell and all), jumbo crab in ginger scallion sauce, and stir fried pea pod stems. yum!

        1. Highly recommend Lucky House Seafood (on Tyler St, I believe) - there have been some recent posts about it. We've been twice and found everything we've ordered interesting and well-seasoned. My husband LOVED the spare ribs, and the last time we went went we picked a crab out of the tank & had it freshly prepared with a properly hot chili sauce - yum! FYI: portions are HUGE - even the 'snacks' of fried items.
          One last positive point(IMO): They don't serve alcohol, and have been very happy to open & pour the wine we've brought with us...

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          1. re: jdubboston

            I could have sworn I saw Heineken in a case at Lucky House the last time I was there...