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Sep 16, 2006 03:30 PM

Koreatown for a Group of 12

Good people:

Need a suggestion for a place in K-town that's more amenable for 12 people, that may have a larger room/separate area for groups. All of my favorites tend to be cozier (Sa Rit Gol, Soot Bull Jeep, etc), and, ironically, that's one of the reasons I like them so much.

In short, is there a place -- larger, perhaps with room[s] adjacent to the main dining area -- where my crew can congregate?


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  1. Cholsun Galbi on Western and Olympic. It's got a room that has a door adjacent to the main dining area. Should fit your group. Kinda of a pricey place for what it is. It's packed.

    1. I was going to suggest the same... Chosun Galbi is your best bet

      1. Park's BBQ on Vermont, just north of Olympic has a private room upstairs that can accommodate parties of up to 16.

        1. Surabul on Western next to HK Market has pretty good Korean food since the last time I've been there along with private rooms.

          1. Doesn't Sa Rit Gol have a room to the right as you enter, where you must take your shoes off and could easily be reserved for a group?