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Sep 16, 2006 03:27 PM

Has anyone tried the Water's Edge?

I was lookin up some restaurants and came across the Water's Edge. The one by Vernon Blvd in Queens. Looks like it has a great view of Manhattan. But hows the food and how pricy is it? ~Laura

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  1. Water's Edge is pricey, Manhattan-style, dinner entrees from $24 to $38. We've had a couple of very fine meals and the view is great. Go about an hour before sunset and spend some time. For the full effect, take the free ferry across the East River from 34th Street.

    Easter 2002, when things were tough all over for restaurants, they tried a buffet brunch/dinner. It was awful. Otherwise, we've had good experiences.

    Here's the website:

    1. There used to be a boat that leaves from midtown aoround 34th street on the eastside. Don't know if they still have it. I went a while back. I remember the service being very good, and the food was fine but this was many years ago that I went.

      1. i've always liked the place. the service is excellent -- and the boat ride, which was still part of the experience a year ago is a nice touch. the food is, as a rule, very good. seafood seemed to be the strength of the chef on my last few visits, and desserts are excellent. a drink before or after dinner at the bar is also very nice, especially in winter weather, when it's very cozy.

        one note: i'd steer clear on any officially sanctioned "special occasion." overbooking and shoehorning are the order of the day, which is not the case otherwise. one easter visit was pretty chaotic, and a valentine's day jaunt so disorganized that we almost walked out in frustration.

        1. I had dinner there a couple of years ago with a large group and a large firm paid for it, not us. I agree the view is great, service was very good, but we can't recall anything really good that night. The fish I ordered was mushy, dessert was good and it all took a long time. I can see why foodies love this place, but I don't care to go back again.

          1. I ate dinner there once, during summer Restaurant Week a couple of years ago. In line with David's comment, I would avoid going at such times. Service was chaotic, verging on the rude, until things settled down as the meal went along. That said, our meals were extremely good. Only one of us ordered from the special menu - the choices were just too limited for our liking. But all four of us were happy with our meals. I'd be very happy to eat there again - but next time, on someone else's dime!