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Sep 16, 2006 03:10 PM

Food Processors

I'm looking for a food processor. I didn't want a huge sized one as I'm a single person and mostly cook for myself. Wanted to use it for making pastes, sauces, etc.

Can anybody recommend a good brand? What do you think of the Cuisinart?

Also, what cup measurement size do others typically find most helpful? I don't want one too small nor too big.



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  1. Cuisinart is the gold standard. Others may be as good, but when you get a Cuisinart you know you'll always be able to get parts easily, the motor is powerful enough, and that there are attachments galore. It comes in several sizes, so you can choose which size would work best for you. I have an 11-cup bowl which I find adequate for both small and larger uses, but then I usually cook for a family so I do need a reasonable capacity. Smaller may be better for you.

    1. There was a recent thread on this... opinions seem to be evenly divided betwen Cuisinart and Kitchenid 11-cup models. I'm a happy KitchenAid owner myself, but if the Appliance Fairy switched them in the night I could manage just fine with the Cuisinart.

      1. I've had a cuisinart classic for 15 or so years, and it just keeps on going. It's the perfect size for me (not too big, not too small -- I believe the bowl holds 7 cups).

        1. I replaced my Cuisiart with a Kitchen Aid. The biggest reason was that I found the Cuisinart's little feed tube in the big feed tube a real PITA to clean and I never used it. I like that the KitchenAid has the little bowel inside the big one for the small jobs. But hey Chaqu'un a son gout and they are both good machines

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            Cuisinart's still trading on the rep of the brand's early French and Japanese-made products. The current line of Chinese-made schlock isn't a patch on the old lines. I'd look seriously at the larger French-made KitchenAid model. It may look like overkill but it has a handy mini-bowl that nests inside the big one for small jobs. The KA work bowl is simpler and better-designed than the jam-prone Cuisinart whose safety inter-lock is a nightmare.Plain white KA models are usually on sale somewhere at knockdown prices, too.

            1. re: Kagemusha

              The problem with the newer Kitchen Aid models is that they are no longer French-made. I think their newer models are clunkier and flimsier at the same time. Based on what I've seen, my latest instinct is to try one of Cuisinart's original design (squared base, not rounded) models.

          2. Cuisineart makes a combination blender/food processor which I just bought and I love it. Same motor, different tops. The food processor cup is probably about 3-4 cup capacity, which is adequate for most meals. It was $80 at costco but I think have seen it at target/walmart also. good luck!