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Pub Grub Seattle

Endlessly searching for quality "Pub Grub" in a laid back venue. Classic Burgers, Crisp Fries, and Creative Entree Salads. Spare me another Chicken Caesar and Soggy Frites. Any Suggestions?

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  1. I've always loved the burgers at Two Bells Tavern in Belltown. (Interesting soups as well.) Best of all, Two Bells doesn't try to be anything other than what it is: A Tavern.

    1. I like Barking Dog on NW 70th in Seattle. Fantastic selection of Belgian beers (they have liquor, too), much better than average bar food, some more unusual stuff like Buffalo stew. But unfortunately, they do "waffle" fries, not good, crisp ones.
      Norm's in Fremont has very good crisp fries, and their food is also better than average bar food. They have a steak sandwich that I like a lot.

      1. Two Bells Burger is a local monument and a necessary stop on your burger tour, for sure. With the advent of the smoking ban it is now even possible to enjoy the food.
        Hales Ales has a good burger and fries at 4-6 Happy Hour for about $4. Other offerings include a decent pizza, a huge nacho plate, great steamed clams. Happy hour is the whole appetizer menu at half price. It's a great room, too. Lots of light, booths, tables, couches. Laid back for sure.

        1. When I was in Seattle recently I had three great pub meals at Cyclops, On First Avenue in Belltown. Great burgers, intersting salads, other good food and a good atmosphere. Check out the vision of Elvis on a baking sheet hanging on the room that is not the Che Guevara room.

          1. I think the food and beers at the Maritime Pacific Brewery out in Ballard are the best in Seattle. A great lineup of beers from the brewery next door and a great menu that includes above average 'pub grub' and entree's that you are more likely to see in a better than average restaurant. Head on out for a bite and a beer and I am sure you won't be disappointed.


            1. People's Pub in Ballard. Burgers good, and you can get weinerschnitzel and best fried pickles in town.

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                I second the People's Pub, with a vote for the fried tomato sandwich. It's got big thick breaded tomato slices on toasted bread spread with goat cheese and topped with greens. I also love the fact that I don't have to pick fries OR a salad... it comes with both.

              2. I agree, the People's Pub is good. But, it's German food, not your standard pub grub, so be in the mood for spaezel or weinerschitzel if you go.

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                  Peoples pub menu is online
                  I liked
                  ...Paprikaschnitzel. Pork cutlet dusted with paprika and sautéed with onions and peppers. Served with spätzle and rotkohl (red cabbage)...
                  I know nothing else of German food, at all, but enjoy the people's pub now that the smokers are smoking where I am not eating.

                2. We're big fans of the burgers at Circa in the Admiral district of West Seattle. They're juicy and delicious. The fries are pretty good, too. They don't have a huge selection of beers, but it's not bad.
                  (We also love their brunch--E can't get enough of the Louisiana Benedict)

                  1. Hard to believe that the Hilltop/74th Street Alehouses didn't make this list. Maybe it's because they don't have a fryer so no fries, crisp or otherwise. While that can be a significant sacrifice, the food is really good. They have a delicious soup option everyday, salad greens are extremely fresh and flavorful with creative dressings. The burger is great as are other sandwiches. The Ahi Tuna sandwich at the Hilltop on Queen Anne (74th St. has a salmon sandwich instead) is my personal favorite. In addition to the regular menu, they offer 3 specials that rotate weekly. Prices are on the high end but they provide insurance to their employees and have a great staff with low turnover.

                    That said, I also second the vote for Maritime. If it is really about the fries, I like the Old Town Alehouse in Ballard. Especially since I can always have them with a pint of Boundary Bay IPA.