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Sep 16, 2006 02:58 PM

Best duck (for cooking) in Oakland Chinatown?


This is a bit of a cooking question, but it's definitely geographically
specific - Please let me know (nicely!) if this post should be elsewhere on the boards.

I'm wanting to find the 'best' (freshest, tastiest) whole duck to take home for cooking, yet I'm and not quite up for paying the high prices per pound of, say, Andronicos. I'm thinking Oakland's Chinatown has got to be a good place to look .. I know there's no shortage of tasty _cooked_ whole duck, but I Want to do the cooking myself. But I don't know where to go, specically ... I know the produce markets can vary widely in quality, for instance, there. Any recommendations/ideas?



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  1. T& S poultry market is Oakland would be one source. the 99 Ranch markets also have whole ducks (w/head on) but they are individually wrapped - but are generally pretty fresh.

    1. Jack's Meats on 8th Street in the Housewives Market had some nice looking ducks yesterday.

      1. I had a hard time finding whole fresh duck, so I'm very interested in the suggestions others have to offer to your post. When I looked last (perhaps it was an off week), there were none at Ver Brugge, Magnani's, Berkeley Bowl (legs only), or Andronicos on Solano (breast and confit legs only). I only found frozen wrapped duck at the 99 Ranch in El Cerrito, and it turned out to have no legs! I was very sad. :(

        1. Go to Yet Sun Market, 397 8th St, in Oakland. They have fresh whole ducks delivered daily from Petaluma. The place is a fish market and usually only has fish and chicken on display. You have to ask for the duck. These are the same sort of ducks turned into roasted ducks elsewhere; they're not of the Liberty Ducks quality or price. Liberty Ducks are available at Cafe Rouge in Berkeley but they're quite expensive, especially as compared to the Liberty Duck website (

          1. Well, I was wanting a duck *today* and not wanting to spend the exhorbitant $ for a fresh one of the Libery/Grimaud variety in the specialty markets, so I ended up getting a frozen one at Jacks. I wish I'd read the post about Yet Sun mkt before I'd left the house, since they've got fresh - definitely wil try them next time!

            Surely Libery Ducks can't be beat; but it takes some advance planning to get direct at their very fair prices. I ordered a Liberty duck directly from them this past Xmas and was wowed; I definitely will order from them again, when planning and funds converge appropriately!

            We'll see how the cheap, 'everyday' duck turns out... thanks for the advice.