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Sep 16, 2006 02:05 PM

Food near JFK Airport

Have to pick up daughter at JFK tonight. Coming from Cherry Hill, NJ over Goethals. Pick up is at 10 PM. Need place for dinner before pickup. Doesn't have to be fancy-No Italian Please- Just good food.

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    1. Coming from Cherry Hill, NJ? The food places on your way are probably Ironbound in Newark, NJ for Portguese/Spanish.

      Casa Vasca
      141 Elm St, Newark, NJ 07105 ยท 973-465-1350

      You can get crabs at Sheepshead bay since they are in season now.

      The only kind of food that is ethnic and authentic is Guyanese food in Richmond Hill. I had a post on that asking for recommendations.

      1. The thing is it's SAT night and good places will be crowded. If you want to eat close to the airport there is Frenasia near the airport on Cross Bay Blvd, you could even make a reservation. I think there's a Szechuan place across the street and a diner in the area also.

        There are Middle Eastern places in Bay Ridge like Sally's and Tanoreen and Karam that are very good but I've only been midweek and Sundays, no idea what a SAT would be like, crowds, parking etc. In Bay Ridge there is plenty of good and varied food not too far from the bridge but again I don't know what Sat night crowds would be.