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Sep 16, 2006 01:53 PM

coffeehouses in philly or main line?

i am in search of a good independent coffeehouse in the city or main line suburbs that is relaxed and lends itself to reading and writing. i like mugshots... anything else in that same vein?

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  1. Don't know anything about Mugshots, but there is an excellent espresso spot in Chestnut Hill if that's doable for you, featuring legendary barista John Hornall from the old Hines Public Market in Seattle.
    Here's a testimonial:

    1. IN the Main Line area starting near Philly.....

      In Wynnewood there is the bagel place that also serves coffee (nice but crowded) and the shop right next to the train (haven't been).

      Milk boy coffee house in Ardmore is relaxed and I always see many people there who are reading or writing. Although they are owned and run by a recording studio and so sometimes the music is a bit loud.

      The coffee house in Bryn Mawr connected to the movie theater is nice. Not really big but independant and going there actually supports the non-profit theater.

      In Wayne there's Griffin right near the movie theater (sometimes too many young kids), a coffee shop near the Margaret Quo restaurant (great atmosphere and spacious. Music not too loud) and another on the street near the train tracks (Wayne Ave.?). I haven't been in there but it looks cute.

      Good luck!

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      1. re: Main Line Tracey

        I'm just going to give a little more info to the suggestions Tracey has made in Wayne -- all of which are good.

        Griffin is actually spelled Gryphon, and yes there are a lot of kids there sometimes, but they have excellent coffee and can be a really nice place when it's not open mike night (which I think is Monday night).

        The Coffee Shop near Margaret Kuo's is called Cream and Sugar, and is also very nice, but their hours are (in my opinion at least) terrible -- close every day around 5. Yes they are open on the weekend, but it's not an option for an after dinner coffee.

        The place by the train tracks is called Cafe Precopio. They serve La Colombe coffee. They also have some strange hours, but they are open every day.

      2. The Green Line Cafe at 43rd and Baltimore in the University City area is nice and relaxed with really good coffee.

        1. The most popular in Center City with great coffee and pastries is La Colombe on S 19th st just above Rittenhouse Sq. Some of the barristers have major ' tude and its often crowded but if you want to pretend you are in Paris this is the place.
          My favorite is the Walnut Bridge Cafe, on Walnut St just before the bridge over the Schulykill to West Philly and UPenn. The place is very relaxing, the coffee is wonderful and the couple who run it couldn't be nicer. There is also an assortment of world class chocolates from all over (including Joseph Schmidt's of SF).
          Another really good place is Hausbrandt's on 16th St just below Walnut. Good place to sit, excellent coffee and nice pannini's for lunch.

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          1. re: phillydoc

            I'll second the Walnut Bridge Cafe suggestion. I haven't had the coffee but have fallen in love with the sweets offered. Moreover, it's still a bit of an "undiscovered gem," so the place is very quiet and relaxing, provided you don't mind the giant windows/glass walls looking almost directly into the Sweat gym across the street.

          2. You should try Last Drop at 13th and Pine. It can be a bit of a scene sometimes, what with all the art students and hipsters, but it is a great place to camp out for awhile with some coffee. Best of all it's open pretty late (11pm last time I checked).

            In the same area I really love The Village on Locust beween 11th and 12th. It's very gay-friendly and there is always the smell of something baking in there... It also has a nice outside seating area next to a garden.