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Sep 16, 2006 12:17 PM

korean barbecue in Philly?

Any suggestions for great Korean food in C.C.?

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  1. I'm sorry, but the offerings in Center City are pretty bad. If you're willing to go over the bridge to Cherry Hill, there's a good place on Route 70 called Beawon. If you absolutely have to stay in Center City, you may end up going to Pastoral on 13th just south of Walnut, although I would really not recommend it as their food is not the greatest.

    1. I'm not sure if it's great Korean barbecue and it's not quite Center City, but Porky and Porkie's at 11th and Washington is all you can eat for about $16.

      For that price you get a choice of all sorts of marinated raw meats, including the regular marinated beef, beef ribs, chicken, spicy pork, spicy squid, bacon, and I think they sometimes have tripe or chicken gizzards. In addition, they usually have either fried rice or cellophane noodles, sushi(limited), fruit and all the proper accompaniments to the meat (lettuce, garlic, sliced hot peppers, and bean paste).

      If you want great barbecue, go to Kim's BBQ House on North 5th Street in Olney. It's fantastic, but the neighborhood is a bit iffy and getting there isn't so easy without a car.

      Good Luck

      1. Actually there is a GREAT Korean barbecue on Chestnut st between 20th and 21st. It is called Miran, and it is open for lunch or dinner (except Sundays) and each time I've eaten there I've been very satisfied. We had four people, brought our own beer, had apps and three kinds of bbq and spent under $50! Delicius and you know it is authentic because it is filled with Korean students from Penn and Drexel.

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          I couldn't agree more. Miran is excellent, whether you do the BBQ or bibim bap or other traditional dishes. And, the staff is very, very friendly.

        2. Forgot about Miran; I went there once and for some reason never went back.

          Porky and Porkie's is awful; there is no flavor to the meat. I got the impression that it was owned by Vietnamese people. Some of the things they offer shouldn't be necessary if they were truly a good Korean BBQ. I do remember their banchan being particularly unappetizing and the kimchi tasting strange. I'm not that well-versed in the subtleties of whether or not kimchi is homemade and how well it is made, but theirs is pretty obviously bad.

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            I actually loved P&P, though I think the owners are Thai. I thought their meat had a ton of flavor, sweet and hot and spicy, especially the kalbi (short ribs). It was cheap ($15 bucks for dinner), they have a full bar, and it was immaculately clean too.

          2. Kim's Barbecue on north 5th Street in Olney is very good. Has been there for at least a dozen years or so and going strong.

            Neighborhood is, shall we say, haggard...but you'll be fine.

            5900 Block of 5th street.

            Still hankering for Korean?...there a re number of restaurants in this area on N 5th. Continue north on 5th until you hit cheltenham ave...a number of restaurants in the strip mall there...