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Sep 16, 2006 03:17 AM

Babu on MacDougal still open?

The last couple of times I have passed by Babu on MacDougal, it has looked dark and didn't seem like it was open. Was I hallucinating? I hope so, as I really enjoyed the one experience I'd had there!

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  1. Unfortunately they closed a few months ago. Just never gained traction. We miss it terribly.

    Happily, the chef got a job at Tabla. I'm hoping that he will learn quite a bit there about making restaurants successful (takes more than a nice ambience and great food) and that he will eventually reappear.

    In fact, we are looking for a good Indian restaurant in the mid to west village...Mirchi changed owner and chef (or so it seemed) and lost us a few years before they closed, and now Babu is gone. Any suggestions?