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Sep 16, 2006 02:14 AM

Colon, Panama and surrounding area any recs for nice lunch, not

too expensive. TIA

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  1. What ever you do, stay away from the over-priced tourist joints out on Flamenco Island; I've eaten at two of them and regretted both ventures! (The Wine Bar and the other one was so bad I don't remember the name).

    Not open for lunch but a MUST-EAT is Ten Bistro in the Hotel DeVille. All entrees are $10 and stupendous. It is seriously the best food I've eaten in Panama.

    1. Adding some info -- spent four days in Panama on my way down to Chile and Argentina. Across the street from the Marriott, near Calle 50, is Beirut -- hands-down the best Middle Eastern restaurant I have eaten at in all the Americas. In four days, we ate there three times.

      Stunning baba ghanoush, amazing lamb, fabulous labne & z'atar, perfect raw and fried kibbe... The menu is huge and will take me some time to get through. Stopping there for one day on my way back from South America, I can't wait to eat Chef Bilal's food again.