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Sep 16, 2006 01:48 AM

Nice Restaurant with Healthy Food in S. FL

I'm looking for recommendations for a nice restaurant with healthy food to go for my girlfriend's birthday on Tuesday (and other times, but right now I'm thinking about Tuesday). We live in Broward and even though we like eating healthy, we usually wait to start looking for food until we're so hungry that we end up grabbing something nearby that she'll complain about eating after we're done.

I'd love to find something that is somewhat unique. I would like someplace nice with friendly service (we hate snooty servers). She likes South Beach, but is open to just about anywhere. It would be nice if it's not dead and boring on a Tuesday night. Price isn't too much of an issue. I don't mind a pricey place that leaves you satisfied and not feeling ripped off.

Sorry to be so vague. Unfortunately, it's difficult to say what I'm looking for when I'm not too sure of what I'm looking for. I really appreciate any suggestions. Thanks!

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  1. Not sure where you are at in S. Floirda or what kind of price point you want, but I think you might enjoy Seasons 52. It's a new Darden chain with six locations -- the seventh opens later this year in Atlanta -- which offers a sophisticated ambiance, great wine list, good service and a menu with no entree over 475 calories, nothing fried, all grilled, no creamy sauces and plenty of fresh vegetables.

    Here's the website with details of their three locations in South Florida.


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      Thanks for the suggestion Bob. Someone actually told us about Seasons 52 a few weeks ago and we forgot about it. We may have to check that out.

      As far as location, we're in Pembroke Pines, but don't mind driving a little while for something different. We'll often go down to South Beach (my girlfriend really likes the food at "Spris" on Lincoln Road), which isn't a bad drive. As for the price, while on other days it's a concern, on her birthday, it isn't too much of an issue if the ambiance, food, and service are great. Thanks again!

    2. I'm not sure what you mean by healty food, but you might want to try Sublime in Ft. Lauderdale on Federal. It is a delicious vegetarian restaurant with a nice atmosphere.

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          Thank you for the suggestion. I just checked out their website ( The menu looks good, but unfortunately, as hatless pointed out, the place is closed. If they reopen, we'll definitely have to check it out.

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            when did it close? i knew it had closed after Wilma, but reopened this past spring - now it is closed again?

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              I guess it is closed again. There's a note on the website's contact page, and when I tried calling, there is only a machine that says they are closed. When and if they reopen, I would like to check it out though.

        2. Not exactly a special occasion restaurant, but if you live in Broward and like to eat healthy, you might want to try Beverly Hills Cafe. It's a SoFla-only chain with lots of Broward locations, and their specialty is huge salads of every kind imaginable. (I love the Greek Tycoon. Massive amounts of feta.) They serve other stuff, like stir-fry and brunch, and the rolls are to die for -- big, sweet and yeasty.

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            Thank you for the suggestion. I haven't eaten at Beverly Hills Cafe in a very long time, but I remember the food being good there. Unfortunately, as you said, it's not really a special occassion place. I'll have to remember to keep it in mind for other nights though. Thanks!

          2. Pacific Time on Lincoln Road is a nice place if you're trying to eat healthy. Very seafood-intensive with an asian bent to preparations, so you don't see much of the fried/creamy/buttery type thing.

            You may also want to check out Creek 28 in the Indian Creek Hotel (on Indian Creek Drive between 27th and 28th on the Beach). I haven't been to the new restaurant, but I went to a former one and it's a neat spot, and the menu is very mediterranean style (former chef from the Abbey). Don't know how popular this is yet, there's a chance it may be a bit quiet since it's somewhat out of the way.

            Another which I haven't tried yet but looks intriguing is at the new Standard Hotel (formerly the Lido Spa) on the Venetian Causeway. Eric Ripert (Form Le Bernadin in NY) did the menu which is also very mediterranean and pretty health-conscious.


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            1. re: Frodnesor

              Thank you for some great suggestions. I don't know if I like Creek 28 for her birthday because the location may be a little too quiet as you said, but I have a feeling we may check that out another time. Pacific Time and Standard Hotel are definite possibilities. I was also checking this site and considering some places that may not necessarily be quite as healthy, but more of an experience, such as Wish or Casa Tua. I wish I could just take her to a different place every night this week. Because of this site, we might be going out to nicer places a little more often. Again, thanks for the great suggestions!