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Sep 16, 2006 01:40 AM

Any good Ethnic eats in Lake Forest?

Hey everyone! I'm joining friends in Lake Forest tomorrow night and wanted restaurant suggestions since I'm not familiar with the area. I'm specifically looking for any good Ethnic eats, of any kind. It doesn't have to be fancy, just delicious. :)


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  1. Norys #2 for peruvian food. Great food at a good price.

    1. Concur...very good Peruvian. Try the chaufa, really great fried rice.

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        We recently did a saltado taste-off between Nory's and Inka Grill. I actually liked Inka's version better, as it wasn't swimming in greasy juices. The fries were fried better, too. But that's one dish on one day. I'm far from a regular at either restaurant, so take this with a grain of salt.

        In the same shopping center as Inka Grill, you'll also find Peppino's (the original location of this OC mini chain), a red checkered tablecloth East coast Italian place. Gnocchi's pretty good here, as is the NY style thin crust pizza.

        Also in this shopping center are a "Texas" BBQ place (horrible), a Vietnamese place I haven't tried, and a Wahoo's Fish Taco, among other choices.

        1. that vietnamese restaurant on lake forest at the 5 freeway is average. you can find MUCH better vietnamese up in little saigon.

          i prefer norys to inka grill. i order the fried fish with squid, shrimp, yuca, and mounds of pickled red onions... forgot the name of the dish. jalea? i know it when i see it and always order it there.

          although...i have heard from numerous peruvian friends that inka mamas is the best. have yet to try it.

          also in lake forest on El Toro Drive at Raymond is a center on the right hand side (if you are driving away from the 5 freeway) that has a very good and fresh sushi bar "oami" (don't order regular food, JUST SUSHI) its not like 99% of the sushi bars in the area. trust me.

          in the same center is a pretty good lebanese restaurant.

          also the mexican restaurant isn't bad...certain select items are very tasty like the chili verde, and a filet of fish with garlic.

          also there is a fun indian and british market. i think they sell hot food too. might not be the best idea for a lunch meeting with friends though. ;) just fyi.

          1. There's also a pretty good sushi place on Lake Forest and Rockfield that has been discussed here as well. I can't remember t name off hand.