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Sep 16, 2006 01:27 AM

Rotisserie for Weber Silver B Grill

I have had my Weber for over a year, use it a lot. Recently bought an E-Z Que basket rotisserie for it and have been making cornish game hens for eight to ten people using it. Gotten raves about how good they are. Recently also made a leg of lamb and a pork roast, each with different rubs or liquid sauces, and got raves for those also. So I'm plugging Weber and the E-Z Que people. Their website is They were darned nice about shipping the whole thing to me in time for a party I had, and they know their stuff. It is a bit pricy but they deserve their accolates because they make a fine heavy duty product. I'm not associated with them so whatever I say comes from my own experience. The Weber people shipped me a new igniter when mine went on the fritz and didn't charge me. Great customer service from two companies.

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  1. I bought a rotisserie when I got my new grill earlier this year and it pretty cheap $26.00, for the engine etc. I used it a ton this summer and had great results. I don't think people have to spend a lot.

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      What kind did you get and like? My friend is looking for a rotisserie for his Vermont Castings Grill.

    2. I will find out and post soon. It bears no brand name but they had several models at Lowe's to fit all diffrent types of grills at low prices.

      1. Only thing about the E-Z Que is it is a semi-circular basket and holds roasts and chicken beautifully. You don't have to run the spit through it. Just lie the meat or poultry in the basket and tighten down a few special clamps. Works like a charm.

        1. i have one of these. it's ok, pricey but built solidly.
          i don't like how the frequent re-tightening of the thumb screws due to meat shrinkage - after awhile it hurts the fingers.

          by the way, i can't unscrew the motor spindle off, don't want to force it and scratch up the pretty metal, any ideas?

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          1. re: tuborg_gron

            I started to use a crescent wrench to tighten the thumb screws and it works nicely. I got two of the thumbscrew holders and bought a third one to keep small cornish game hens in the basket (I can make six at a time) and think it all works wonderfully. Not sure what the problem is with the motor spindle (I leave it on) but call them at E-Z Que and I'm sure they'll help; see their website for phone. Again, I'm high on their products and quality and like the result.

            1. re: EclecticEater

              I nfinally figured out what brand I bought and it is simply called BBQ Grillware from Lowes. Cheap and smooth.