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Vikram Vij in Montreal

I just learned today that Vikram Vij will be in montreal at JTM market on sunday the 24th. He'll be launching his new book, hosting a cooking demonstration and a dinner. For those interested, you can sign in at La Dépense. I think there's about 10 places left.

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  1. Is this the same Vij as in Vancouver?

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    1. Can you post some details? Exact location, time, contact number, etc.


      1. Lucky all who taste his food! His place in Vanouver is a must for us each time we visit.

        1. The cooking class will be at the Jean-Talon market on sunday the 24th at 5h30pm. Mr. Vij will be at La Dépense (in the JTM) during the afternoon to chat. I'm not sure if the book launch is taking place at La Librarie Gourmande or at La Dépense.

          You can sign in by passing by La Dépense or probably by calling them at 514-273-1118.

          Hope this helps.

          1. So, is anyone else going? It would be nice too put some names and faces together.

            1. Simon any idea of the cost of event at La Depense? As you know, he's also scheduled to be at Bon Appetit Cookbooks the next night(quickly sold out), where he will prepare some of his dishes from his new cookbook. The cost at Bon Appetit is $100(which includes his book). He makes another appearance at Bon Appetit Cookbooks Thursday the 28th of September for a evening cocktail from 5-7pm(the cost is $40 which includes the book, Hors d'Oeurves, & a glass of wine). This second event by Vij at last notice is not sold out yet.

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                Where is Bon Apetit? I'm interested in going to the on the 28th w/c is more affordable for me. I don't mean to sound like a little dum-dum (relatively new foodie here)I don't really know who he is. By his name it sounds like he's an Indian chef. I hope he will be selling his spice mixes. Always looking for fresh & interesting spices!

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                  Vij is the chef/owner of one of North America's most celebrated Indian restaurants, Vij's in Vancouver. www.vijs.ca

                  Bon Appétit Cookbooks: 388 Victoria Avenue in Westmount, 514 369-2002, www.bonappetitcookbooks.com

                  By the way, if spice mixes are your thing, hot-foot it to Olives et épices at Jean-Talon Market (same owners as La Dépense). The article at http://endlessbanquet.blogspot.com/20... will give you an idea of the variety and quality. Pricey but absolutely worth the coin.

              2. The cost is of 75$ and includes a dinner. He'll also be at la Dépense this afternoon to chat and serve Chai. If I'm not mistaken they be selling his spice mixes.

                1. Bon Appetit Cookbooks is just off Sherbrooke street.

                  1. So how was it? I couldn't make it but I'd love to hear feedback.

                    1. I wonder if Vikram Vij is still the head chef of Vij in Vancouver(his restaurant)? The head chef of Vij(long time friend of the family) was killed in a car crash several years ago in Vancouver.