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Sep 16, 2006 12:33 AM

Microbiotic places in Southern CA? Is M Cafe de Chaya the best? or their Tuna Burger?

P 28 od LA Times restaurant issue : 6/ 18/6.

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  1. I the term is macrobiotic, but oh well. Yep, it's a really good place and the only fully macrobiotic place i know of in LA. i love their bento boxes for take out. i also liked their version of a muffaletta when i tried it.

    1. they have amazing bibimbap as well and miso soup. and the tuna burger is awesome. the muffaleta is great as well as the other sandwiches. i think its great. you can google macrobiotic los angeles and see what you come up with???

      1. I have to second the the praise, especially about the bento boxes. I was just there again over the weekend and took a picture of the one I ate: . (Ignore my photographic inability: that's why I have a new camera with a preset called "food"!)

        1. A Votre Sante in Brentwood integrates many macrobiotic principles, and there are fully macrobiotic dishes available. The food there is good, light and refreshing though still satisfying.

          1. the tuna burger is the only reason to go.