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Sep 16, 2006 12:25 AM

Yasuda - worth it if sitting at a table?

We have a reservation for Yasuda tomorrow, but could only get a table. There were no more seats at the bar. Is it still worth it? We have never been before. Or should we postpone for some other time when we can sit at the bar?

If you find it worth it, any tips or suggestions?

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  1. I've been to Yasuda once at the tables and the experience is at least 50% less impressive. That was the same for Sushi of Gari. The tables don't cut it at either of these places. Then again, if you can't get a seat at the bar for anywhere else, the fish and variety is still top notch. Just don't expect it to be transcendent. And it'll still be just as expensive if not more at the tables (I swear Yasuda gives discounts).

    1. Don't do it. Wait until you have experienced the sushi bar a few times and then decide if you would be happy at a table.

      1. it's still worth it but the experience at top sushi places are at the bar. you get to watch the preparation, have them explained directly intead of thru the wait staff, control the pace, order piece by piece, etc. i've still had memorable table sittings at yasuda!