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Sep 16, 2006 12:05 AM

Frozen Yogurt Hunt

I am looking for a semi-healthy frozen yogurt shop in L.A.?

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. i have a feeling lots of people will suggest pinkberry, but i have my doubts that it's healthy. i agree that it's tasty, though! i tastes like lassi, sweetened yogurt.

      all the yogurt shops i know are pretty heavy on the sugar and most don't taste like they are really made of just straight, regular yogurt.

      the one that seems healthiest to me is the tart vanilla is old town pasadena's 21 choices (their other location might have it, too). they have hard-packed tart frozen yogurt that tastes just like someone took a carton of yogurt and stuck it in the freezer. it's not smoothand creamy like the stuff made from a powder, but it tastes like realyogurt and doesn't seem to have much sugar or fat in it. it's EXCELLENT blended up with peaches. mmmm!

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        According to employees: 20 calories per ounce. A medium has 8 ounces, so 160 calories plus fruit.

      2. Absolutely, without a doubt, Studio Yogurt on the corner of Laurel Canyon and Ventura Blvd. in Studio City, in the same plaza as the Daily Grill and Louise's and the Gaucho Grill. It's like this giant stereotype of an LA yoghurt shop.

        And we're headed there in an hour. :)

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        1. re: Das Ubergeek

          yes yes yes yes to Studio Yogurt. I'm there atleast 5 times a week. Their flavours change monday wednesday friday and you can request a flavour you especially like. it starts at $2.50 for a small (11 oz.) and they have a great selection of yogurt brands; dairy free, fat free, 99% fat free, wow cow (fat free, around 13 calories an ounce), skinny minnie (fat free, i think 11.5 calories per ounce) etc. really good stuff, and they have a great selection of toppings!

        2. If you ever find yourself out in Pasadena, don't miss 21 Choices in the middle of Old Town (Colorado and DeLacey). It's kind of like a Coldstones for frozen yogurt. But I always get one of the 6 express items. They change every day...not only are they DELICIOUS, you can cut to the front of the line to order them! And I also like how all of them are low fat or nonfat (and they indicate which is which)

          Check out
          Today's for example are: Sweet Peaches, Caramel Amaretto,Circus Animal Cookies, and Hershey's Chocolate Malt, aside from good old vanilla and chocolate

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          1. re: amandine

            yum! I had the pistachio-almond last night - so good. Sis had thin mint and mom had mango-berry...great flavors, long line.

          2. Please don't tell anyone, because they are always crowded enough --

            Malibu Yogurt in the Malibu Colony Plaza (same center as Coogie's).

            They have really good non-fat yogurt at 20cal/oz.
            They have really good shave ice with a lot of syrup flavors.
            They have really good real-fruit smoothies with fruit, juice and yogurt.
            They have ice cream as well.

            Shhhhhhhhh, please -- the lines are usually out the door, and for a good reason!

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            1. re: liu

              My friends call the stuff at Malibu Yo -- yogurt on crack. lol.

              p.s. liu, the vitamin shop also carries shakes!

              1. re: chica

                Thanks, chica! When we were walking the little strip mall last night I think I saw a sign in their window about their shakes or smoothies; it might have been another shop, but I had a fleeting thought about "how good could it be there, in a vitamin shop?" So, I will keep you in mind next time I am strolling through.