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Sep 15, 2006 11:40 PM

Chinese Take-out...In the boxes

Can anyone tell me of any good Chinese restaurants in Toronto that actually deliver the food in the take-out boxes you see on TV? My husband is a Toronto transplant from Chicago and would love to find a place that delivers in those containers...I actually didn't even realize Chinese food really came in those containers until we ordered in at his parents place. I thought it was just some made up TV thing!

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  1. In all my years of eating chinese food I have yet to see a chinese restaurant in TO do takeout in those. There is a mediocre fast-food Thai chain (Thai Villa?) that is common in mall foodcourts that uses them.

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      I believe youre thinking of Thai Express I think its called. They do pad thai in those little boxes.

    2. i've seen them used just for those like fried flour chip things, then its styrofoam for rice and aluminum containers for everything else

      1. Doesn't Ho-Lee-Chow serve in these. I've only ever had food from them once in my life and that was ten years ago so don't take my word alone.

        However, you can buy the containers (in either siliconized paper or in plastic for re-use) at Tap Phong Trading Company in China town. Then, just buy take out and put it in the containers.