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Sep 15, 2006 11:34 PM


Hi. An Arizona hound here looking for some feedback on recent meals at Farallon.

I'm planning to visit San Francisco with my dinner club late next month, and one of the meals we are planning ("the expensive meal") is currently Farallon. However, on a trip to Napa a week ago, I drove into town and dined there... while I can't fairly say I had a bad meal there, it was only good, not up to the very high standards I expect from previous visits.

Has anyone had any recent experiences with Farallon? Was my experience an anomaly?


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  1. "only good" is an apt description. Visitors often fall into the trap of going to a seafood restaurant when visiting SF. They figure, "I'm right on the bay, there has to be good seafood, right?" Well, there is good seafood, but there aren't good, sit down, seafood restaurants. The best seafood dishes are at Cal or Italian restaurants like Zuni, Incanto or Cafe at Chez Panisse where they sit along side delicious meat, poultry and vegetarian options.

    Post a new query asking for a rec for your group. Specify the number of people, price range and if you will be in need of a private room. You can do so much better than Farallon.