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Sep 15, 2006 11:21 PM

Romantic Dinner for two in Astoria??

I've got an anniversary coming up and I'd like to have a candlelit dinner for two some place local in Astoria. Any ideas? I dont eat out often. Im willing to travel on the N train to if someone knows a restaurant in Manhattan thats a straight shot. I need reservations for next Sunday. HELP! ~Laura

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  1. Christo's Steak House is nice. Maybe the obvious choice? I went back there recently and it's under new management, which was sort of a bummer. It's less Greek and more cuisine/american Greek. Does that make any sense? Still, it's a good establishment.

    1. I haven't been there in a couple of years so I'm also interested to see if anyone has been to Malagueta in Astoria recently. We went on a Saturday night which is when they serve the special feijoda. The passion fruit mousse lights up your mouth for dessert.
      I would also consider this as a place where a couple can have a special evening.
      John K.

      1. 718 on Ditmars is romantic, small and candle lit but the food isn't that great and it can be pricy for what you get. Trattoria L'Incontro has excellent food but I wouldn't exactly call it romantic, though if you get a table in the side room it can be a lot more private (and quiet) than the main room.

        Another suggestion that doesn't get much talk on these boards is Brick Cafe, on 31st ave and 33rd st. It's a nice little place with good food and decent prices and a nice atmosphere. Malagueta is also nice for Brazillian but the decor is kind of sparce and it's a little cramped, not exactly what I would call romantic, excellent food though.

        1. Moved out of the neighborhood a few years back, but is Piccolo Venezia still good? I loved it last time I was there: cozy, high-end, old-fashioned Northern Italian with some Istrian roots showing through. Check for recent reports first, though.

          1. for something a little out of the ordinary but still romantic, there's Sabor Tropical w/excellent Brazilian food. (on 30th ave around 36th st.)
            also Mombar for Egyptian. Lived in Astoria for awhile, I really love both places.