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Mushroom wine pairing?

Any good recs for a wine to go with a mushroom pate appetizer?

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  1. What else is in the mushroom pate? Lots of cream and butter? any other strong flavors?

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      shiitake mushrooms, butter, onion, brandy, dry white wine, bagged spinach (YIKES!!!), tarragon, garlic, cream cheese, eggs, toasted walnuts.

    2. Pinot Noir. Pinot... maybe some Pinot.

      Did I mention Pinot?

      1. RL is correct, more details required. Like:
        Enoki? Shiitake? Porcini? Some people include "truffles" in their definition of "mushrooms" (which, by the way, is absolutely correct). Are you asking which wines go with truffles? Don't get me started, pleeease...!

        1. Couldn't agree more about the Pinot. If it's a bit heaftier of a dish, or if truffles are involved I might go with Nebbiolo.

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            My most memorable happy marriage experience of truffles & wine happend at the now defunct Lucas Carton in Paris, where Alain Senderens paired white truffles from Alba served on plain polenta with a 1995 Bonneau du Martray Corton Charlemagne. A mind & soul boggling, exhilarating experience.

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              A mushroom pate would presumably include black truffles, totally different flavor.

          2. Generally pinot is a good match with mushrooms, but some mushroom pate recipes are somewhat citrusy, and would clash with the typical modern pinot.

            1. old chenin blanc, esp. savennieres and vouvray sec. even younger chenin blanc is good. it's what i always serve with shrooms unless it's the dead of winter, in which case it's tough to find good shrooms anyway.

              1. I agree with Pinot also, but make sure it's a concentrated
                one and not one that's lighter in color like raspberry Kool-Aid. That won't get to where you need to go.

                There's a wine from Umbria that often has the aromatics
                of black truffles -- Sagrantino, sometimes called Sagrantino di Montelfalco. The most famous producer is Arnaldo Caprai, but
                other producers cost less. I once enjoyed Chianina beef carpaccio with shaved black truffles with this wine, and thought it was one of the best pairings of my life.

                Also, Mastrojanni winery near Montalcino makes red wines
                that consistently smell of mushrooms -- try the Rosso di Montalcino or if you have $$$, the Brunello from them.

                Enjoy your meal, and experiment with the pairing with several wines if you can.