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Sep 15, 2006 10:10 PM

Recs for Organic or Biodynamic Wines?

I'm planning a wine tasting next month, and I'm going to do Organic and Biodynamic wines. There are lots of wines to choose from, so I'm looking for some suggestions.

Are there any wines in the $15 - $30 range that you particularly like? Any type or varietal is fine, as long as it's really good. But I'm in Minnesota, so I probably can't find the more obsure stuff.

And yes, I read the thread discussing BD Pinot Noir and BD wines in general (I liked the poster who described BD as "Feng Shui for Grapes").


P.S. I found these helpful lists online, but there's way too much!

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  1. On biodynamic wines there are three main references:
    Nicolas Joly
    Nicolas Joly
    Nicolas Joly

    1. I've plugged this before but I'll plug it again: Gruner Veltliner from Weingut Hofer. In New York, anyway, it retails for between 9 and 10 bucks for a litre bottle. You'll be surprised by how much more "expensive" it tastes. Maybe it can be your budget wildcard for the evening. It's Austrian, bright, super-clean.

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        I am fond of the organic wines from Coturri. I especially recommend their Carignane, which sells for about $20.

        1. re: RichardA

          I agree - Coturri is completely natural - not only in the vineyards but in the cellar - many producers of "organic" and even BD use yeast additives, add acids, and chemicals like sulfites that take away flavors -

          Why grow organic and then process out all the goodness of the natural grapes?

          1. re: Omega

            As far as I know, you cannot properly make wine without adding some sulphites as a preservative... otherwise you end up with balsamic vinegar

            1. re: newJJD

              incorrect many wines are made without the ADDITION of sulfites. It, however, does not make them Sulfite free or organic.

              1. re: Winemark

                your right - wine has been made for eons without chemicals added

                1. re: Omega

                  I stand corrected, I'm not sure why I thought that

      2. If you can find any wines by Marc Kreydenweiss.... The Riesling is amazing. The 2003 Barbabelle is a good red.

        1. Might I ask what you notice if anything about biodynamic wines that differs from organic or for that matter non-organic? In taste and/or effect. Have been curious about biodynamism but only really reached it from a skincare point of view w/Dr. Hauschka and Weleda products. Had a biodynamic wine of some sort once.

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          1. re: Cinnamon

            I, too, am interested in whether anyone can taste a difference - that's the motivation for this tasting. I'm not sure I've had a BD wine yet.

            I'll post a report after the tasting, which is in mid-October, presuming I can find any biodynamic wines in this podunk place (as far as alcohol is concerned, we're kinda in hicksville).


            1. re: AnneInMpls

              Sounds like a fun tasting project. Enjoy!

              1. re: AnneInMpls

                There may be some pretty sophisticated palates out there, but I think tasting the difference is not so easy and not really the point of the whole thing anyway. Lots of the org. of biod. wines I've had actually have some real earthy flavors (read:funky dirty etc) in very lovely ways. The idea we have of organic products is often of cleanliness which can have a converse effect on wines. Wines that taste super clean are sometimes the product of lots of manipulation and intervention by winemakers. Hard to tell. I just like to support farmers and winemakers who are the best stewards of the earth.

            2. I a familiar with five California wineries that are organic and, I'm pretty sure, certified biodynamic.

              Frei Brothers
              Robert Sinskey
              Patianna (owned by Patti Fetzer)
              and, I think, Fetzer is also qualfied.

              Of those, only Patianna is relatively obscure, but then, we're in the backyard of all of them