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Sep 15, 2006 09:49 PM

Where can I get a good "hawaiian burger" in waikiki?

teriyaki, pineapple, etc?

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  1. Not in Waikiki but if you head out a little further to Ward Warehouse or center forgot which one but they are next to each other there is a Kua Aina sandwich shop. In my opinion they make the best burgers on the island. If I remember correctly the have a pinapple option too. For the teri burger you might want to try Teddy's in Waikiki.

    1. There used to be a Kua Aina in Santa Monica, which I didn't really like all that closed though

      1. aside from teddy's, its on kapahulu across from the zoo,go to the pineapple room in ala moana. and get the pineapple room burger. it will not disappoint. if you're really into your fries, go to mariposa at ala moana and get their burger.

        1. Another great burger in the Waikiki area is the one at Diamond Head Market & Grill. There's a little market next door, where they sell fancey-pants deli and dessert items also. You order at the window, and you can usually snag some seats outside.
          Just make sure that you don't order the hamburger lunch plate; otherwise, you'll just get the juicy burger patty on top of scoops of rice, with some salad on the side. If you're looking for a regular ol' hamburger, specifically say "Hamburger on a bun".

          Last month I tried the portabello mushroom hamburger with grilled onions, and it was absolutely delicious.

          Diamond Head Market & Grill
          3158 Monsarrat Ave.
          (808) 732-0077

          1. I love Kua Aina burger, and definitely try out Teddy's.