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Sep 15, 2006 09:17 PM

Hey, cant we enhance the interactiveness of this Tour?


It would be great if Jim's reports - or at least a link to them -were posted as a matter of course on the relevant boards each time one occurs - the regional boards are the place to discuss his finds - seems silly to have regional discussion in a separate place from the regional boards - its currently totally dislocated and doesnt help build the local board discussions which it should do.

Its no surprise that there is little discussion since nobody knows whats happening!

Along the same lines, it would help if Jim posted ahead of time - even sort of - the areas he's going into. At a minimum it would build excitement and anticipation among the troops.

  1. Replying to my own post, lame, eh? Im getting that this enterprise is really more geared to jazzing up the CHOW site and, giving Jim a larger and deserved megaphone, and that the CHOW related work on the tour (which looks cool) is getting done first. Still, I would think that the overall site is best served by getting the local Chowhound discussion forums here excited and engaged in the tour AND drawing in new blood to CHOW AND those Chowhound communities. I dont think either purposes are served by isolating food topic discussion at this location. All it would take (I say as a non-techie) is adding a link in both places the local board and CHOW.

    1. Great ideas, all. I just get the feeling that many people are not reading the ChowTour posts and hearing the podcasts -- they are great fun.