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Sep 15, 2006 08:54 PM

Dinner for 30--suggestions?

We'll be a group of 30 doctors, nurses and varied health professional coming from all over Northern California. We're staying at the Hilton New Orleans Riverside.
Ideally we can find good food with the possibility of a set menu for our large group. Price range $20-30 per person.
Local fare would be great but other suggestions would be very helpful as well.

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  1. Mother's has an events room, but i'm not sure if 30 is quite enough, might be a base rental price.

      1. Muriels on Jackson Square offers a nightly prefixed menu - 3 courses for $24-$28. The food is good-not great-huge portions and a good value for 3 courses.Loved the crepe appetizer. Colorful, fun environment- especially the Seance Room upstairs. The veranda overlooking the square is very pretty. Check out their website for regular menu- also special event section ( which includes a variety of menu options for large parties- but not prices)

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          Muriel's chef moved to Stella recently to become the sous chef. Anyone been since his departure?

        2. Antoine's has a prix fixe lunch menu at about $25. I hosted a luncheon there last year and it worked well. The menu has 3 or 4 choices for each course. I paid extra for the Baked Alaska dessert. They are easy to work with so they may be able to do something for dinner as well. They'll give you one of their terrific private dining rooms.
          Galatoire's now has dining rooms upstairs which you can actually reserve! Unlike the "no reservations" policy downstairs. They'll do a set menu.
          Tujaques always has had a set menu.
          I've been to events at Arnaud's with set menus.

          1. How about Brennan's Bourbon may be Dickie Brennan's Bourbon House, have been there, not sure of exact name. Was there before Katrina. Would most definitely go back again, and will, soon.


            Several private rooms of varioius capacity. I am sure a set menu would not be an issue. Lovely space. Bourbon at Iberville. Lovely seafood presentation. Nice. Check it out.