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Sep 15, 2006 08:52 PM

Need Birthday Cake in Waltham

My daughter is going to college in Waltham and her first birthday away from home will be coming up. I want to have a birthday cake made for her and delivered to her dorm room in Brandeis. She will have lots of company to share the cake, as I am sure curiousity seekers will want a piece and hopefully make her feel less lonely. Any suggestions on a bakery which will both make and deliver a sheet or 1/2 sheet cake in Waltham? Thanks!

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  1. Pan-o-rama Bakery in Waltham delivers. Their number is 617-332-4445.

    1. Call Vikki Lee's in Belmont- next town over. VEry very delicious cakes.

      1. Thanks for the memories. My mom and dad used to do this for me when I was at Brandeis. I loved it and you are definitely right about the sharing. I never had any left. With that said there are quite a few bakeries on Comm Ave in Newton, not far from Brandeis that I am sure would deliver. You might also try Rosies Bakery. They have a store on Waltham St in Lexington. I think they would probably deliver and they have the best cakes.

        1. Unicorn, thanks for the suggestions! Been a little busy the last few days cooking, baking etc. so didn't pick this up right away. Since my post, I found out that Brandeis actually has a service where you can order a cake through them and have it delivered. Know anyone who did that? Was it good? L'Shana Tovah!

          1. Sorry if this is too late. Brandeis did not offer this while I was there. Hope you had some luck. My friend just ordered a caked from Rosies for her Fiancee and had it delivered to his office. He loved it. Hope you had an easy fast.