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Sep 15, 2006 07:49 PM

best unique place to eat downtown before a play?

Looking for a cool restaurant besides the palm, kednalls, or roys downtown. Any suggestions?

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  1. Hit Cafe Pinot last week. Not particularly unique (yet another Patina restaurant), but they do a good job, and have a reasonably nouveau menu. Big fan of the lobster bolognese. Also, they are the second shuttle stop from the theater, so it's not too much time getting there or coming back.

    Mention to the valet you are going to a show; that way they sometimes park your car on the street, so you don't have to fight everyone for the valet guy afterward.

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    1. re: BabyLitigator

      Actually, they take longer on the way back on the shuttle, because they do a loop around Hope Street (hitting McCormick & Schmidt's and the Wells Fargo Center) before circling back to go to Cafe Pinot. As for the food, I posted about a horrid experience at Cafe Pinot a few weeks ago:

    2. R-23 is unique and delicious.

      Is 410 Boyd still around? The location is unique if nothing else...

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        I love 410 Boyd! Their sandwiches, salads, and entrees are delicious.

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          Sorry, but R-23 is weak at best(it was sold a year or two ago) and if you look at other posts over the last few months it's really slipped.
          Having been there recently it's not on our radar anymore, except the Crab Salad which doesn't warrant a visit with Sushi Gen around the corner.

          1. re: russkar

            i was wondering why my last meal there was such a disappointment. too bad

        2. It depends on your (OP) definition of "unique" or "cool."

          If you want it in a historic hotel, I'd say Water Grill (seafood) or Sai Sai (Peruvian-Japanese).

          If you want it next to a museum, with a waterfall, Tesoro Trattoria (Italian).

          If you want someplace fancy with high ceilings and was in "Pretty Woman," Cicada.

          If you want something representative of LA's past, Phillips.

          If you want it in a train station, Traxx.

          If you want a lot of Chinese food, Empress Pavilion, Ocean Seafood, Golden City.

          1. Kokekokko is great and quite cool.

            203 South Central Avenue
            Los Angeles, California 90012-4208 ph: 213.687.0690

            1. Haven't been there in ages, but Ciudad extraordinarily upscale Mexican - with a nice tony bar?