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Sep 15, 2006 07:42 PM

best bakeries in manhattan and brooklyn?

I'm looking for really great bakeries with good sweets and breads alike, especially organic, local ingredients. Any ideas?

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  1. I'm partial to the Silver Moon, on 105th and Broadway. It's a wonderful neighborhood bakery.

    1. Build a Green Bakery (outpost of City Bakery) uses organic materials and has great cookies, croissants, scones, muffins, that sort of thing. No breads though. It's in the East Village, 1st Avenue and 13th Street.

      Almondine Bakery is a French style patisserie with madeleines, eclairs, cupcakes, cakes, gelato, and lots of fresh bread. It's located on Water St in DUMBO, Brooklyn, across the street from Jacques Torres.

      1. Chelsea Market has what your looking for.

        1. The best Italian bakery in the City is VILLABATE in Bensonhurst.

          The French bakery, ALMONDINE, in DUMBO, owned by chocolate wizard Jacques Torres is the equal or better of any in town.

          The baguettes are authentic and fresh baked, the pastries delicious, the ice cream wonderful, and the desserts, especially the special occasion cakes , are the best this side of the Atlantic.

          1. Folks, Please keep this board focused on Manhattan chow. Brooklyn recommendations belong on our Outer Boroughs board: . Thanks!