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Sep 15, 2006 07:23 PM

Saturday Breakfast by Lake Merritt (other than Merritt Bakery, Noah's, Starbucks...)

I've checked on the board, but it seems most of the discussion centers around brunch/lunch and dinner recs for this area. I'm looking for a nice breakfast place (one that is open at 9am on a Saturday) close to the Merritt Bakery / Grand Lake Theater area with interesting items on the menu. Although I'm pretty sure the bakery will be open at that time, I'm looking for something a bit nicer, where a few friends can gather for a chat. Also, due to time constraints (I will need to bounce out of there at a moment's notice) hopefully the recs will include places where the bill can be settled quite quickly. Please don't list Noah's or Starbucks.

I've heard that Arizmendi (sp?) is good, but not sure they are open that early... would love to try some of their stuff, though. If there really aren't places open at that time, we are willing to head to other areas around the lake and even towards downtown Oakland, Rockridge, and even Fruitvale.


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  1. I'm not going to be able to give you a name but if you head up the street where the Grand Lake Theatre is, there's a few little breakfast joints that get an occasional favorable mention buried in other threads.

    Sorry these are a bunch of places I've never been but just heard good mentions:

    Downtown Oakland:
    Luckas (well, they have Sunday brunch, not sure about Saturday)
    Cafe 817

    Rockridge has Oliveto

    Piedmont has a nice little coffee/tea shop

    Maybe someone else has some ideas on the above

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      There's Lynn'n'Lu's about two blocks down Grand (away from downtown) from the theatre. There is also a sandwichy place across the street. Not sure what other options there are, now that Autumn Moon is gone.

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        817 on Washington between 9th and 10th streets has a great (and I mean GREAT) breakfast until 3 p.m. on Saturday - chorizo and poached eggs, ham and poached eggs, cb hash and great lattes and fresh oj. Eat inside, eat outside under umbrellas if it's nice.

        On Lakeshore across from Peets is the Lakeshore (or Lakeside) Deli or Cafe. It's always crowded on Saturday morning. Okay breakfasts. I always buy a coffee at Peet's and take it in when I eat there. There's also Blackberry Bistro (is that the name?) on Park Blvd. above 580 in that shopping district. Crowds waiting but a pretty good bfst.

        I didn't like Lu and Schmoos or whatever it's called on Grand.

        Luka's is great for lunch and dinner so it'll prob be great for brunch or bfst.

      2. A loooong time ago I used to go to the Mimosa Cafe quite often. It's on the road off of Grand that leads to the freeway (checking the address it is 462 Santa Clara Ave). I'm sorry I don't know what time they open. In the past they had lovely breakfast and lunch items. It's not quite vegetarian, but there are lots of veggie options. They had a good fresh squeezed oj and each dish comes w/ a fresh salad or a pretty decent pile of fruit. As I recall, they did some decent quiches. Haven't been in a while; no longer my 'hood.

        Here's Arizmendi's website:

        They are open at 8 on Saturdays, but it's not really much of a sit down chat w/ friends kind of a place. More of a grab some stuff in a bag and go dealio. Invariably, when I go and want to eat there, I share a table w/ a stranger. I don't mind, but it would be a challenge w/ friends. But check it out anyways.

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          Please note that that Arizimendi web site is specific to the SF branch. As they say on the that page, "These cooperatives are independently operated. They have different days of operation, hours, products, prices, etc.". I have found the pizza options to be very different at the Lakeshore branch.