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Sep 15, 2006 07:08 PM

quick and cheap tonight in PA

I've got about an hour to grab some dinner tonight in Palo Alto, anywhere between downtown and San Antonio Ave. I usually go to Rangoon or Su Hong, but I'd like to go somewhere else for a change. Looking for interesting and ethnic and relatively cheap. Suggestions?

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  1. Hopefully you got some search results, as it's getting late. ;-)

    On California Ave., Mediterranean Wraps has a vegetarian combo platter with excellent baba ganoush; a lot of people have complained about the falafel being improperly cooked, but I've had pretty good good luck with it. You can add a side of chicken or beef/lamb shawerma. The chicken sometimes is a bit dry (you can request dark meat if you prefer). Overall, a great break from Asian.

    1. You probably had your dinner by now :). But here are my picks:

      Tofu House (in front of Su Hong) - We go there when we don't feel like driving down to Santa Clara for the korean fix. They have great Tofu soups and bibimbap (with nicely charred rice at the bottom of the stone) in their small 2-page menu.

      Casa Isabel (near California Ave) - love the Sangria and well-prepared renditions of mexican dishes. Only negative is the tortilla chips but the salsas are great.

      Hong Kong Restaurant - Located next to the reception of San Antonio Inn (with a view of the motel's swimming pond if you happen to sit by the window), this tiny but popular restaurant offers Hong Kong style cuisine and live seafood dishes. Deep-fried dishes seem to be always well-executed here. They also serve porridge and you tiao during lunch.