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Sep 15, 2006 06:34 PM

Sunday brunch recommendations for Kendall, Inman, Central, or Beacon Hill?

I'm trying to decide between:
East Coast Grill
Blue Room
Beacon Hill Bistro

Does Rendezvous serve brunch?

I've never been to any of these places for brunch (and rarely otherwise), but have heard good things. Can anyone compare/contrast these on menu, atmosphere, price? I'm a bit wary of the Blue Room because I heard it's buffet and I'm generally not a fan of buffets. Specific item suggestions also welcome---I tend to prefer savory brunch to sweet. Thanks!

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  1. If it's brunch you're talking about, The Blue Room is the place to go. Yes it's buffet, but trust me, this is NOT a buffet like you've ever seen before! There are some of the standard offerings, but they are far outnumbered by the more exotic, Asian- and Latin American-influenced ones. I can't suggest specific dishes as they never seem to have the same lineup twice, but there's always a good variety of spiced grilled meats, noodle dishes, and salads.

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      I agree that Blue Room is not your average brunch buffet (no swan ice sculptures in sight, and the food tastes as good as if it had come from, well, the Blue Room). All manner of tasty savories from which to choose, using similarly eclectic flavors as you'd find at dinner. Two caveats:

      1) A good buffet is still a buffet.

      2) It's expensive, $25 - $30 pp. Unlike dinner, I find it to be rather poor value.

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        Yeah---the thing I don't like about buffet is that you plunk down all this dough, and you're staring at all these attractive dishes, and you wind up eating too much and getting too many different tastes coming at you. Granted, one could exercise restraint and carefully edit one's choices, but how is one to know in advance which are the best choices? I'm afraid I would leave this brunch with a bellyache, even though the quality sounds good.

        1. re: bella_sarda

          Agreed, it takes discipline. I like to make a first run where I get just a few small tastes of the items that look most appealing, then go back and fill up on the ones that I like best.

    2. I like the brunch at ECG very much, but I'm also a big fan of that kitchen in general. The d.i.y. bloody mary bar is great and the dishes tend toward the savory end of the spectrum that works for me. My favorite is the duck quesadilla thingy (it has a very involved name I'm forgetting) but the eggy dishes are very good too. Good coffee, good place to go with a hangover for the hair of the dog.

      1. Right near Kendall Sq is The B-Side Lounge (and worth the 4 min walk up Hampshire St) and the brunch kicks arse! It's more like like a true brunch with an a la carte menu plus lucnh items....somehting to please everyone! As well as a barman that can make or reccomend cocktail you need on a Sunday morning!!

        I will warn you the guests are a delicate mix of prepsters & scenesters.....

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          I love the B-Side as a bar. I had brunch there once and it was totally forgettable. As in, I don't even remember what I ordered (and I was not hungover nor did I drink). I have heard others rave, and I would possibly try it again, but I'm thinking this might be a little less interesting than what I'm looking for. BTW--how crowded is ECG brunch?

        2. Well Blue Room is buffet (and I'm not a fan either, unless your @ Aujord'hui and you can bribe the waiter to serve you...oops my secret is out)... Not a fan of Beacon Hill Bistro (will not elaborate). Love love Love the ECG's brunch! Say hello to their giant Make-Your-Own Bloody Mary Bar!!

          Need I say more??

          1. If you are looking for interesting, go to East Coast Grill's brunch. Good food, great drinks, fun atmosphere plus that make your own bloodys bar. Can't really think of what else I'd want in a good brunch. :)

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              OK, OK, East Coast it is. Now, how early should/can I get there, or should one go late instead?