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Sep 15, 2006 06:18 PM

Client worthy Steak Houses in San Francisco?

I swear, I searched first, but all the recommendations are 2-4 years old/

NYC Chowhound entertaining a huge Chicago client who eats only basic steak/potatoes type food. The filet mignon with artichoke/mushroom wine reduction sauce type place is unfortunately not an option.

We would prefer something that's not a chain. Financial area/SoMA or somewhere else centrally located would be best...

The old reviews here mentioned Alfreds and Izzys. Are these client type places? Its a down to earth client I know well, not someone new I have to impress, but the top level person is sooooo picky!

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  1. I'd go to Alfred's. Old-school San Francisco atmosphere, in the Financial District.

    Acme Chophouse (in the Giants stadium) is really good but it's more of an upscale sports-bar atmosphere.

    Izzy's is not an expense-account place.

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      I think Alfred's would be ideal: excellent meat--especially the Chateaubriand--and really delicious creamed spinach and ravioli. The atmosphere is suitable, whether for business or just a nice dinner out. Parking is easy, right across the alley, and you can walk to North Beach for coffee and dessert, if you like.

    2. The search engines default setting is by "score". Click on view by "Date" and the newer posts will pop up at the top.

      If you want someone from Chicago to be comfortabl, then maybe Morton's even though you didn't want a chain. Or the new Joe DiMaggio's Chop House.

      1. Honestly? It's not steak but I'd go with the House of Prime Rib. It's an SF institution, serves brilliant beef with perfect sides, and is a nice, English-sporting-club atmosphere.

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          I agree. I love the old-school atmosphere and the meat is great.

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            A 4th vote for House of Prime Rib. Even though the OP is looking for a "steak house," HOPR is the only place that popped into my mind.

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              Yet another vote for House of Prime Rib. If your client is just "meat and potatoes" vs. strictly "steak and potatoes" this is something you want to try.

            2. I'd check out Harris'. Harris is Californian, prime beef, family owned, etc. At least you'll be able to compare Calif steak/beef to what you get in Chicago. They also have an in-house meat counter despite being a nice place...definately biz diner safe.

              I'd second House of Prime Rib otherwise...old SF.


              1. Thank you all so much!