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Sep 15, 2006 06:12 PM

Best al pastor: Redwood City to mountain view

Want to do a quick taqueria run, so don't want to drive too far. Votes for best tacos in these areas. Love al pastor, but open to other wonderful taquerias. We have tried several, but thought i would see what other think. Put in your votes!

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  1. Dietary restrictions make my al pastor ingestion somewhat limited but a couple of months ago I caved and tried some at the Mi Rancho Supermarket on Roosevelt in Redwood City (it's a half block up from El Camino - BevMo is a good landmark). This is a counter operation in the back of the market and was a new addition when they remodeled earlier this year. Maybe it's because I don't eat this often, but it tasted very righteous to me! They were making the tortillas there and grilling them on the flat top. Every time I shop at this market (good basic produce prices) I walk past that counter and look longingly at the al pastor... sigh...

    1. i now someone who likes the al pastor at Chavez Market in Sunnyvale. They have 2 locations in Redwood City

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        The Chavez in Hayward is my favorite place in the Bay to get a burrito, and I usually go with al pastor. I've never been to any other location though.

      2. I'm a big fan of:

        Three Brothers Tacos
        (650) 324-8801
        2220 University Ave
        East Palo Alto, CA

        Great meats, and great agua fresca to wash it down with.

        1. I like the El Grillense across from the RWC library.

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            Toss in my vote for La Bamba in MV. I like to get 4-6 soft tacos with one of each kind of meat.

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                had the La Bamba in El Cerrito/Richmond the other day, it took about 20-25 minutes for 2 regular burritos and a quesadilla!

                carnitas were drier than normal.

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                  The kitchen at the Richmond location could be used for a study in poor layout and inefficient work flow. Obviously they try to keep up with the rushes, but they just can't. Is there a reality TV show for making over commercial kitches? ;-)

                  The few times I've ordered it, the carnitas in Richmond seemed much saltier than in Mountain View. ??

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                  La Bamba is EXCELLENT...but you might be making a huge mistake if you at least didn't try the carnitas.

            1. Taqueria Mar Y Tierra 1475 Broadway Redwood City is the best Al pastor I've ever tasted. The rest of the menu is excellent as well. Authentic Mexican food. Also has excellent seafood menu. Can't go wrong here....Doesn't matter if you try the Al pastor super burrito, tacos, tostadas, tortas, quesadillas, or nachos it's all good.

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                It's off topic, but the coctel de camarones (shrimp cocktail) at Mar y Tierra was great the 2-3 times I tried it there!