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Pasadena brunch, I'm hungry!

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I've tried most of the old town restaurants and bored. Anyone know of any other good places to eat brunch in the Pasadena area. I drive all the way to Newport for good grub and gas is expensive!

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  1. Have you checked out brunch at the Firefly Bistro in South Pasadena?

    The link to their website is:



    1. Or search these boards for Julienne in San Marino.

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        note in the margin: not open sundays.

      2. Try Firefly in South Pasadena. Some are not impressed, but I like their brunch quite a bit. My one gripe -- and I haven't been often enough to know if this is a regular thing -- but on a nice weekend morning, I feel like there's no reason for having them to have keep their tent structure (which houses their dining room) all buttoned down.


        1. Ritz Carlton Huntington does a nice, expensive one.

          I like CrepeVine Bistro's crepes.

          And second Firefly Bistro.

          1. Firefly or Bistro K

            Maison Akira has some good a la carte & buffet brunch options

              1. cool, thanks everyone. i'm a newbie here and surprised at all the replies. I'll check out your suggestions.

                1. Green Street Cafe (Lake and Cordova) is so comfy and delicious anytime, but brunch on their lovely patio is the best.