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Sep 15, 2006 05:49 PM

The Orchard tonight

Going to dinner @ The Orchard for the 1st time this eve. Any best bets for ordering?!

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  1. The flatbreads are delicious, I had the cheese one.
    And probably the best thing I have had in a restaurant as of late is the tuna tartar appetizer--fried plantain, that you top with some tartar, guacamole and creme fraiche. It seems unlikely, but in fact it is a taste sensation.

    1. Flatbreads for sure (I like the mushroom, haven't tried the beef). Risotto is very good.

      1. the flatbreads are confit and mushroom. the tuna tartare is also delicious, as are the gnocchi, the butternut squash agnolotti and the striped bass.

        1. We love their flatbreads and the tuna tartare. If you want to see some photos (albeit yellow-tinted ones due to the lighting in the restaurant), we have some on our site.



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            I strongly second the tuna tartare. One of the the better versions of this dish I have had. Served with guacamole, fried plaintains and creme fraiche, it is delish.

          2. Another vote for the flatbreads -- I had the short rib one. Lobster empanadas were also great.