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Sep 15, 2006 05:39 PM

Pizzaiolo Last Night

Hit up Pizzaiolo last night for dinner. At 8:30 there wasn't but a 5 minute wait (for 2). I overheard the hostess telling a party of 4 that it would be 30-45 minutes. Had the fritto misto, squash pizza, rapini, and shellbean ragu. The fritto misto was good, although there weren't more than 2 bites of the salt cod. The squash pizza was great. Good crust and it really tasted strongly of squash. The rapini was perfect. Just enough garlic and chili, and it was cooked so it still had a bit of bite. The shellbean ragu was probably the hit of the evening. Rich, and creamy and sweet and meaty tasting, without any meat. It was one of the better dishes i've had in a while. The breadcrumbs really made the dish and added a nice texture to the creamy beans. Overall it was a great meal. Super simple and crazy good. The service was fine, and they were playing good music.

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  1. Jeez, I have got to get over to Pizzaiolo! The meal sounds great. Question about the shell bean ragu: was it served over pasta? If so, what kind? I have a pound of cranberry beans in the fridge and that sounds like a good dish to use them in!!!

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      no, it was just a bowl of beans with a breadcrumb topping.

    2. Heh, I was there last night too (at just about the same time), and was about to post about it. I didn't get pizza last night, which is unusual for me there, but man, was I pleased with my meal: my new motto for Pizzaiolo is "if it's fried, ORDER IT." We shared the fritto misto, the meatballs, the corn soup and the fried chicken, and all of that was great, but oh my lord the chicken! Absolutely incredible. I've heard raves about the fried chicken from others here, but was a little skeptical, and, wow. Flavorful, moist, crispy on the outside, just perfect, and this was white meat (and I have a huge preference for dark). And the greens and garbanzos underneath were delicious too.

      I'm looking forward to eating the leftover meatballs for dinner tonight, though (which, there were four large ones for $14, not a bad value at all).

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        I'm glad you share my enthusiasm for the fried chicken. I've never had a more perfectly fried piece of white meat. I normally prefer dark meat myself, but that breast beats all.

        1. re: Morton the Mousse

          I only insisted on ordering it because of your raves, and boy, were you not kidding. My mom (who didn't love Pizzaiolo the first time I took her there) was won over by how perfectly fried the fritto misto was (and that salt cod was incredible), but we were both amazed by the fried chicken.

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            The great thing about the fritto misto is that it constantly changes but it's always delicious. The best I've had was one of anchovies, okra and green tomatoes. Stuffed squash blossoms are a close second. And I love their onion rings.

            1. re: Morton the Mousse

              Dear god, you guys are making me hungry! I can't wait to try Pizzaiolo. Fried food and pizza are my two favorite food groups!

      2. Went on impulse late last night.

        We were waiting at the door for a minute or so, during which time *two* servers came up to say the host would be with us shortly. So maybe they've finally got the routine down for that.

        Started with arancini ($7), four big ones, perfect as always, and meatballs ($14), again four big ones, these were Sicilian-style with currants and pine nuts in a delicious tomato sauce.

        Then a housemade sausage pizza with assorted peppers ($15) with rapini and canellini beans that looked more like gigantes on the side ($5 each for huge portions).

        Bakesale Betty's sticky date pudding with caramel sauce and Ici vanilla ice cream ($8), delicious, huge serving was plenty for two.

        1. Ooh, the arancini was on the menu last night? I haven't seen those there in months. I wonder if they'll be there this weekend...

          1. Is the fried chicken a regular menu item?

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