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Sep 15, 2006 05:29 PM

Recipe for spicy tomato jam?

Hi, I need help! I have tons of cherry tomatoes in my garden and I would like to make some spicy tomato jam. Does anyone have a recipe and does anyone have any simple ideas for using all my tomato's? Thanks in advance!

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  1. Do a search on the home cooking board - there have been a ton of tomato posts in the last month and I'm pretty sure I saw a recipe for jam there.

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    1. Do you mean jam, i.e. a sweetened preserve? Or do you want chutney which is spicy and made with vinegar?

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      1. re: cheryl_h

        I don't mind either, I just need to do something with the tomato's before they take over.

      2. I located my old recipe that I could not find earlier. You will need:

        6 lbs. scalded and peeled tomatoes cut into wedges. Put them in a deep kettle along wiht 1 lb. raisins-chopped, 3 lbs. lt. brown sugar, 1 pt. vinegar, 2 Tbs. ground cinnamon, 1 Tbs. ground cloves, 1/2 tsp. freshly grated black pepper and 1 Tbs. salt. Cook slowly for two hours and pack in to hot sterilized jars and seal. I like to add a cinnamon stick to each jar.

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        1. re: Candy

          Hi, thanks for the recipe, I shall certainly be trying it!

        2. That sounds great! I think I'll try it too. What do you do with the jam? I mean, what does it go with? Also, how long do you think it would keep in the fridge, not canned? Thank you.

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            Heaven is tomato jam on a fresh hot buttered biscuit. I make the biscuits with lard BTW. Only 2 Tbs. in a C. of flour and I get 6 biscuits out of that. My DH and I each eat 2 and the dogs get their taste too.

            It will keep a long time in the fridge and if you get a good seal on the jars, they will keep up to a year in they pantry.

          2. I've made Joyce Goldstein's Moroccan-Inspired Sweet and Hot Cherry Tomato Jam (from her book Back To Square One) many times.
            8 oz fresh ginger, peeled and sliced thinly across the grain
            1 c cider vinegar
            2 quarts cherry tomatoes, washed and stemmed
            2 c light brown sugar
            2 c granulated sugar
            2 lemons, cut in half lengthwise, thinly sliced, seeds removed
            1 c water
            1 TB ground cinnamon
            1 TB ground cumin
            1 tsp ground clove
            1 tsp cayenne pepper (may need less depending on the hotness)
            salt and ground pepper
            In a food processor, puree the sliced ginger with some of the vinegar.
            Transfer to a large heavy pan. Add rest of the vinegar, tomatoes, both sugars, sliced lemons and water.
            Cover, bring up to a boil and cook over medium heat for about 15 minutes.
            Add the spices and SIMMER, stirring occasionally to make sure the jam does not scorch, for about 1 hour or until thicken.
            Season with salt and pepper.
            Process in jars.
            Makes 6 pints.

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            1. re: PBSF

              Thanks for the recipe, it sounds yummy, I shall be trying this at the week-end. I need to go and buy some jars now!

              1. re: PBSF

                what should the consistency be? Should I still recognize the cherry tomatoes and the lemon slices???