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Sep 15, 2006 05:06 PM

Cheese Shops in Brooklyn?

I've just moved to Brooklyn and need to find sources to supply my cheese habit.
I'm looking for small production cheeses, especially domestic stuff. I'm willing
to travel to get it! Thanks.

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    1. re: prunefeet

      Stinky Brooklyn is on Smith. But I agree, it sounds like what you're looking for!!

    2. Stinky is great. Service knoweldegable, friendly and passionate about their cheeses. I also love Caputo's on Court Street and 4th Place - for European only cheeses, esp. Italian and Spanish.

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      1. re: chow_gal

        Stinky's products are great, but the last few times I have been in there have been 4 staff members who welcomed me and then proceeded to ignore me, wandering around, giggling, laughing with each other as if I wasn't there!! Its like you are an after thought! It puts me off going there. Theres one guy who is so uber cool, its untrue and then the rest act like its some country store in the back of beyond, which it isn't. Hello!! This is NYC!! They need to get a rocket up their as.....!!

        1. re: delfina

          I think the staff at te Blue Apron are much more customer-focused

          1. re: delfina

            This happened to me at Stinky's as well so I yelled at them and made them serve me. The hijinks ended imediatley. For the most part I find them attentive but if ever not, I justcall them on it - its not like they can spit on my food or anything.

        2. Bedford Cheese Shop in Williamsburg. Bedford Ave & N. 4th. Knowledgeable, if hipster, staff. Good breads as well from Amy's Bakery.

          1. If you live near Park Slope, try Bierkraft on 5th ave near union- I think their selection is better than Stinky's, and the service there is always friendly and knowledgeable. Plus, you can find all kinds of cool beers to pair with your cheese (my husband is obsessed with getting a growler from there).

            1. Bedford cheese shop happens to be one of the best artisinal cheese shops in the country...And the staff is not really hipster.

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              1. re: South 6

                So they are now up and running in their new space in the old Downners Pharmacy? I'll have to check it out later...

                1. re: Ida Red

                  ? They are currently in the mini-mall on N.5th and Bedford, but moving to the corner of N.3rd sometime soon.